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A giant garden chess set is not only an attractive feature for any garden, but also a fun and exciting way to play the strategic game of chess. We stock a variety of giant garden chess sets which are ideal for a chess player of any ability.

Giant garden chess sets offer the perfect form of entertainment for garden parties, family fun or even teaching people to play chess. Our impressive and practical giant chess sets are one of our most popular product ranges, and both theGiant Chess Boardand theGiant Chess Piecesare extremely strong and durable

With the addition of Standard Chess and Draughts, the Outdoor Games Range provides something for everyone. If you require further information on any of our giant chess and draughts sets why not call our team of experienced customer service representatives who will be glad to offer their support.

Giant Chess is so much fun to play and also looks great in any garden. Chess is a brilliant traditional game just like Snakes and Ladders and Boules. But it has the skill and charm of the more modern garden games like Giant Jenga and Giant Connect 4. Here at the Big Game Hunters Giant Garden Games shop, we sell a number of chess related products which will have chess enthusiasts outdoors playing - alongside those of you who have never played chess before.

Take the standard garden chess set, which includes a 1.2m square chess mat. You can play this indoors or outdoors and each piece is around 20cm tall.

The larger, more breathtaking set of Giant Chess Pieces will require most children to use both hands when making their move. The pieces are all around 45cm tall and can be left out all year round to be played whenever you like.

You may have a patio you can turn into a chess board, or you may want to purchase a Giant Garden Chess Mat to go with the pieces or Lawn Friendly Chess Boardeven a . Either way, you and your family will have hours of fun playing the game.

I'm sure it won't take a chess genius to figure out the game of giant chess came from the smaller version of the game.

The chess board is actually laid out like a hierarchy from Medieval times. Just like many traditional games, the origins are not concrete - it is always possible that many different version of the game were invented by different people in ancient civilisations.

Draughts is another game which uses a chequerd black and white board. It it steeped in tradition just like chess but can be slightly easier to play if you find chess difficult.

It is thought that it originated from India in the sixth century where it spread to Persia, and that in the eighth century the Moors invaded Persia where they learned the game and carried it with them to Spain. From here, it then spread through the whole of Europe very quickly. This is where all the pieces got the names they have today.

There is the King which is the tallest piece and is the piece which is defended the most, just like in medieval times. The Queen - the only woman in play - is the most powerful piece as was in real life. The phrase is used today that behind every powerful man is a good woman, and this was true of medieval Kings and Queens - more often than not it was the Queen who ruled through her husband the King. The Bishop represents the church which had a lot of power in those times, along with the Knight which would have been as a professional soldier is today. There is also a Castle, which would have been a prominent home or place of safety for many. Then lastly, the pawn of which there are more than any other piece - these represent the labourers of the land and were considered as the property of whoever owned that land.

The very first World Chess Tournament was played in 1886, and the World Chess Federation was established in the 20th century. Computers were introduced to the game in the 21st century for analysis and to actually play the game itself. Now online gaming is huge and games are broadcast across the web for amateurs to watch professional players go head to head.

The professional side of the game is extremely mathematical - it is not simply a case of knowing the rules, it is a game of strategy and nerve. At one major online chess site they have over 4 million members - that is how popular the game still is today.