Home Front Climbing Frames

Home Front Climbing Frames are very well built American designed climbing frames which are modelled for the larger garden. Home front have been selling quality wooden climbing frames for more than 15 years and can be found in many gardens around the country. The frames are manufactured in Wiltshire and are carefully designed and built to offer the best quality.

The Home Front climbing frames range are designed and built to withstand a lot of play and can happily accommodate a number of children over a long period of time.

The packages that we have available incorporate many different combinations of the frames in the range to enable you get the best climbing frame for your needs.

Let your children's imaginations run wild playing safely in the garden. They may want to be pirates, princesses in fairy castles or just want to climb around there is a design in the range that will be just perfect for your garden and children. With the extremely high quality in these climbing frames there is years of fun play ahead from the very little ones up to young teeneagers.

Strong Timber

All of Home fronts climbing frames are made from a quality wood with some of the key details below.
The clubhouse posts are made from 4 x 4 with the four-way deck joists being made from 6 x 2.
The swing beams are a massive 6 x 4 with double 4 x 4 swing supports

The construction is wood on wood for double security and the wall units with planks inside rails, so they are not screwed to the outside.
All timber is fully rounded on the edges and the ladder rungs are rounded for easier climbing.

Commercial Grade Swing Hangers

The swing hangers are of commercial quality and they have chains on the swings for a longer life to go with the heavy duty swing seats.

As you can see there is a huge range to choose from and then even when you decide on the frame there are multiple options for you.

Please have a look round each of the 'series' sections to see what each one can offer.

Choosing the correct frame of this size and quality is not a decision we would expect you to take lightly! We have catalogues we can send out to give you even more information - please call us on 01865 392 439 (Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm) and we can arrange to send one to you or talk you through the options. Every element on the climbing frame is modular so you can pick and choose exactly which parts you want and create your own frame arrangement.