Jungle Gym Climbing Frames

Jungle Gym is one of Europe's biggest designers and manufacturers of climbing frames and other wooden play equipment such as playhouses and swings. All of teh Jungle Gym play equipment has been built to a very high standard with quality, design and most importantly safety in mind.

Jungle Gym Climbing Frames

The main aspects and elements fo design that you can expect from a Jungle Gym Climbing Frame have been detailed below - giving you the confidence in what you are buying.

Jungle Gym Climbing Frame Timber
Jungle Gym Timbers

Jungle Gym climbing frames are made from high quality sustainable timbers. They use a mixture of North European, Scandinavian and Russian Whitewood and Redwood.

The timbers are machined all the way round with eased or rounded edges to make sure the timbers are not too rough. The timbers used for the posts and load bearing pieces are all 'quarter cut' which means the heart of the wood is not used. The heart timber is usually where most of the major splits or shakes can be found and using quarter cut timber is stronger and more stable.

The majority of the timbers used are 70 mm by 70 mm, with the exception of a few frames which have 90 mm by 90 mm timbers - these have been labelled so it is clear which have thicker timbers.

Jungle Gym Environment
Environmental Considerations

Jungle Gym Climbing Frames do take the environment into consideration when they are manufacturing climbing frames and other play equipment. The timber is sourced from renewable sources, being FSC certified. This also means the history of the wood is traceable so you can feel confident the timber has been attained responsibly.

Jungle Gym Climbing Frames Safety

All Jungle Gym Climbing Frames have been tested to meet the regulatory standards of residential play equipment (EN71). These standards outline things such as the design of the equipment, the sturdiness and ensure the products are non-toxic. This also takes into considerations the fixtures and fittings such as safety hinges. The climbing frames come with added touches such as plastic bolt caps to cover up protruding bolts as well as anti-slip metal ladder rungs to help children climb onto the equipment more safely.

The timber is graded and conforms with the European safety standards for use on a domestic play structures. Where every care and attention has been made to create safe play equipment, Jungle Gym climbing frames should still be used sensibly and under adult supervision.

Jungle Gym Climbing Frame Installation

Each Jungle Gym frame has the approximate build times sets out in the product specifications - this is on a two-person build. This will also depend on the competency of the builders so the build times may vary.

If you want to check whether your frame requires planning permission, read our planning permission guide here.

All Jungle Gym play equipment includes illustrated guides, instructions and tools which will make installing your climbing frame fairly straightforward. Making sure you read through all the instructions, and ensure you have identified all the parts and pieces before you begin will make the whole process run a lot smoother.

Additional equipment you will need will be an electric drill, tape measure, wood saw and a hammer.

At Big Game Hunters, we want to make selecting and purchasing your climbing frame as easy as possible, so that is why we have a selection of the Jungle Gym Climbing Frames, all detailing their particular dimensions, specifications and what is included with each one. We have then given you the option to choose which colour slide you would like to add to your tower (either red, yellow, green or blue) in order to give you the choice when it comes to the play equipment for your children. There is also a swing module available to add to each tower to give your climbing frame the added play value of a double swing set. It couldn't be more simple.

As always, we have a dedicated team at Big Game Hunters who can be contacted by phone or email if you have any questions, just visit the 'Contact Us' section of our website.