Relay Races for Adults

adult racing games
These are some really good relay race ideas which are ideal for adults. These could be perfect for a wedding, party or just a group of friends meeting up on a sunny Sunday afternoon!

Pass the Orange

This game brings players into close personal contact, adding to the hilarity and making it ideal for adults.
Team members stand in a line. The first player places an orange under their chin. The next team member has to take the orange from the first player without touching it with any part of their body other than their own chin and neck. They then continue to pass the orange down the line using only chins and necks. Once the orange reaches the end of the line, the player at the back runs to the front with the orange and starts passing it back down the line. The race is won once all team members have had a turn at the front of the line.

If you'd rather not have orange pulp all over your chin (particularly if you're last in line!) try using the eggs or bean bags from our Party Sports Day Set. You'll get extra accessories too...

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pass the orange game

Spin around a Stick

Team members stand in a line and take turns to run down a course to a stick or post which is pushed into the ground. Once they get to the stick, they have to put their forehead on the top of the stick and run round it in a circle 10 times as quickly as they can. They then have to run back down the course as quickly as they can, in as straight a line as possible to tag their next team member to take their turn.

As you get older your balance goes and your tolerance for spinning reduces, making this race funnier when played by adults. It is funnier still, if players have been drinking.

It can be a little tricky to push a post into the ground without digging up your grass, so try the Telescopic Poles in the Obstacle Course pack - then you get plenty of other accessories, too!

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spin around a stick game

Space Hopper Racing

Those of us who were children of the 70's will remember the classic Space Hopper. Now hoppers are available in special multi packs for racing like our Hoppin' Mad Race Pack. Races can be turned into relays with team members taking turns to hop down a course to the next team member, who climbs aboard and takes their turn to hop back down the course to the next waiting team member. It's a killer on the thighs and hilarious when you fall off.

space hopper race

Get ready to bounce with the Hoppin' Mad Racing Game - 3 space hoppers with a foot pump and a whistle...

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Spoon on a String

Tie a spoon to the end of a long piece of string. Make sure it's tied on really well. Line team members up and start to pass the spoon down the line of players. The spoon has to go underneath each players clothes: down their top and then their trouser leg before being passed to the next player to do the same. As the spoon is passed down the line of players, the other players have to keep feeding the string through their clothes. The first team to get their spoon to the end of the line is the winner. At the end of the race all team members will be linked together with the long piece of string.

Make the game even funnier by freezing the spoon in an ice cube before the game!

adult spoon game

Go for the Party Sports Day Set and you'll get a spoon and plenty of spares, along with eggs, three-legged race straps, sack race sacks and bean bags for a full day of relay racing...

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Pass the Water

Team members line up one behind the other. Each player has a cup. The first player fills their cup with water from a bottle. The aim is to pass the water down the line of players from one player's cup to the next spilling as little as possible. However, when passing the water, the player at the front has to keep facing the front and hold their cup over their head tipping the water out into the cup of the next player in the line without being able to see where they are pouring it. The player behind has to catch as much of the water as possible. As soon as the player at the front of the line has passed their first cup of water, they can refill their cup from the water bottle and pass more water to the next player. They can continue to do this until the bottle is empty. Any spillages give the player who is pouring a refreshing little shower!
The last player in the line pours the remaining water into another empty bottle. The winning team is the one with the most water in their bottle at the end.

cup of water

2 Player Balloon Race

Pairs of team members take turns to run through an obstacle course with a balloon balanced between their heads. Let the balloon go, and they have to retrieve it before continuing the race. Once they get to the end of the course, the next pair of team members race back down the course with the balloon between their heads.

This race requires the pairs of players to have close contact and coordinate their movement. It can be a great ice breaker for large groups to get to know one another or perhaps is better played amongst really good friends!

baloon racing games

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