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Scavenger Hunt: Family Christmas Games

A scavenger hunt is such a brilliantly adaptable game. It can be played with very little equipment (so easy to start at short notice when a game is desperately needed). Scavenger hunts have been played by many age groups for decades. This one is even possible to play with people anywhere – via video calling app! So stay connected with those you love this festive season, even if you can’t be in the same room.

christmas scavenger hunt


3 +

Prep time

5 mins

Playing time

15-60 mins

Energy Level


What You Need

  • Location:
  • Your Living Room – or just about anywhere!

  • Optional: A computer  logged onto video calling app

  • What You Need:
  • A list of ideas of things that can be found around the house

  • An imagination

Top Tip:

These are all Christmas themed ideas for the scavenger hunt but you can tailor the game to any event or time of year you choose by choosing relevant items to collect!

Alternatively you can use some free online printables – like these from the resourceful mamma – perfect for a younger crowd.

cheerful smiling children demonstrating christmas decorations they have found on the scavenger hunt

How to Play

  • Game Set Up
  • Nominate a Game Master
  • Group into teams or play as individuals
  • The game can be played with everyone  in one location or over video call with different players / teams in different locations to allow for social distancing
  • Playing the Game
  • The Game Master calls out an item for the players to “scavenge” for
  • All players must find the item and return to the Games Master / video screen with it in their hand
  • The first player back with the correct item wins the point
  • The Winner
  • The winner is the player with the most points at the end of the game once all items have been collected.
  • Themes
  • The items  can be as specific or vague as the Games Master likes  and can be tailored to a theme e.g.:
    a bauble, holly, turkey, woolly hat, stocking etc
  • OR 
    something red, something to eat, a present, a toy, something sparkly,  something cold etc.
  • Playing with Adults Only
  • If you are playing with a group of adults, try something a little more cryptic e.g. something that will make you laugh, something that is hard to swallow, something that would make your nan blush. Then the rest of the group can vote on how valid your selection is and you can score eachother that way!
finding green pine leaves and berries for the scavenger hunt

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