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Festive Tasting: Family Christmas Games

Nothing beats the tastes and scents of Christmas. Fresh satsumas, freshly baked gingerbread and spicy cinnamon… an absolute festive dream. This Festive Tasting Family Christmas game is the perfect excuse to indulge on those Christmassy treats.

Guess the treats you’re smelling and tasting (while blindfolded!), in this Festive Tasting Family Christmas game. A game of giggles, even the most obvious of Christmas treats don’t spring to mind when you’re under pressure!

family preparing festive tasting game

the family food tasting game


2 +

Prep time

10 mins (less if food is ready prepped)

Playing time

30-60 mins +

Energy Level


What You Need

  • Location:
  • Your Dining Room or Kitchen

  • Items: 
  • Little plates or serving boards (anything you have!)

  • Blindfolds (long clean socks or anything you have!)

  • Pen and paper (or anything handy to record your points)

  • Christmassy snacks:
    Here are a few ideas…
    (Don’t let the team see or smell them!)
  • Mince pie

  • Reindeer carrot

  • Brussels sprouts

  • Satsuma

  • Nuts (plenty of options here!)

  • Cheese (plenty of options here, too!)

  • Gingerbread

  • Panettone

  • Peppermint

  • Cranberry sauce

  • Turnip / parsnip

  • Fruit cake / Christmas pudding

  • Coconut

  • Gravy

Top Tip:

Add a variety of nuts and cheeses to make this more challenging!

fruit and nuts on a tray ready for festive tasting game

How to Play

  • Game Set Up
  • Create your teams
    Each team needs 2+ players.
    One person from each team
    is the ‘presenter’.
    The remaining members are ‘tasters’
  • Prepare the snacks
    Each presenter prepares snacks for the other team.
    Prepare the same quantity of snacks each.
    (Make this as challenging as you like. Remember, the less the Christmassy treat has been eaten before, the more challenging it will be!)
  • Tasters at the ready
    Sit the ‘tasters’ down, and use your long clean socks or fabric to cover their eyes.
  • Bring in the snacks
    The presenters swap the snacks they have creatively prepared for each other. Now, place the snacks in front of the tasters.
  • Get tasting!
    The tasters pick up the snacks one by one.
    After giving the snack a good sniff (and taste if they’re feeling brave!), they must guess the name of the treat.
  • It’s a taste challenge
    The tasters on each team guess as many snacks correctly as they can.
  • Keep score
    The presenters keep score – give a point for every correct guess.
  • The Winner
  • The team with the most correctly guessed treats, wins!
  • A More Challenging Game
  • Make the game more challenging by adding a drinks round!
person slicing cake for Festive Tasting Family Christmas game

If you have enjoyed playing this great Christmas game don’t forget to tell us all about it! Send us your pictures or tag us @theplayexperts – we look forward to seeing how you get on!