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Valentines on a Budget: Games for a night in

Looking for some Valentine’s games to make your evening a bit more exciting? Look no further! February the 14th can instil fear into the hearts of many. Whether you are in a long term loving relationship or just starting out in your romantic life, it is a day that can put a lot of pressure on people. These games can make a night in a little bit special without spending a fortune.

Having a Galentine’s Night?

Galentines girls night in playing games

Not in a long term relationship?

Not an issue. You may just be spending an evening in with friends – and these games are just as good for these sitations too. Anyone can enjoy these games on a night in and those not in a relationship need not fear – there’s not one single mushy romantic game in sight.

Relieve the financial pressure

We have come up with a few ideas for how you can have a night in without all the undue stress and financial pressure of an expensive meal out. It is also a night that can be difficult for those who work late or have children or other commitments that would stop you from getting out of the house. Although we don’t think getting a babysitter and having some time on your own is a bad thing – sometimes an evening in with a few games to make things a little special can be much more fun and a lot cheaper too.

Don’t forget the Valentine’s games prizes

For all the games you should come up with your prizes or rewards and forfeits (if you want to punish the loser). We won’t give you any ideas – you can use your imagination and come up with these on your own!

valentines day chocolate box

Valentine’s TV Games

TV Show Bingo

Settle down with your other half for a little competitive TV watching. Print out two of the sheets below and create a fun game that allows you to snuggle up on the sofa in the comfort of your own home. If you don’t have a printer, you could scribble these down on a piece of paper or just each take a screen grab on your phone and use the annotation tools to cross them off.

This is especially good if you and your significant other are the competitive types and would rather cosy up on the couch in front of the TV. We have covered a few different programmes here, but if you have one you watch regularly you can always make your own sheets to play with. We have included a blank template for you to print off as well.

Love Island

So this show is ultimate trash TV – but sometimes it is what you need after a long day at work. Print out these two sheets below and tick off the phrases as you hear them Prizes won for each line completed. You could think of a ‘pledge’ or bigger prize if either of you complete an entire sheet or the most rows throughout the show.

The Crown

You’ll need Netflix for this one. This period drama gives you a insight into the story behind our Royal family – from just before Queen Elizabeth was crowned to more recent times.

The Witcher

This show hasn’t been around for as long as the others, but if you are looking for something new to watch and you like your fantasy shows (e.g. Game of Thrones) this could be a good one to get your teeth stuck into.


We had to get a soap game in here – also a good option if you are sitting in with your Nan this Valentine’s day.

If none of these shows float your boat try our blank template to create your own TV show bingo. You could even do it for a film if you prefer to have a fun movie night.

Valentine’s Movie Games

These games are all based on movies – loosely we might add – and should add some fun and hilarity to your evening indoors.

When Harry Met Sally Game

when harry met sally movie game

A very simple game is the When Harry Met Sally drink-along game. We wouldn’t advocate heavy drinking and would suggest you play responsibly. If you like. You can always select something to eat or a soft drink if you’d rather.

Our twist on the usual ‘drink when…’ is the first person to take a sip gets to skip the next event.

How to Play

Drink every time:

  • Someone’s relationship status is mentioned or changes 
  • An interview segment is shown 
  • The trip to New York is referenced 
  • Sex is referenced 
  • Harry or Sally’s former spouses are mentioned
  • Someone is on the phone

Avengers: The Endgame Game

Avengers endgame the movie game


To capture/win as many of the ‘Infinity stones’ in the quickest time possible.

How to Play

Each of the infinity stones has a game or challenge attached to it. You could easily play this as a couple or in teams depending on how many people are playing. You could just play one part or all parts – to see full instructions for playing this game click here.

Notting Hill Movie Game

notting hill movie drinking game

Yes, another drinking game however, we felt Notting Hill required a spot as a great Rom Com classic that doesn’t have you reaching for a sick bucket too often. We think a funnier way to play this one would be to create a bunch of jelly (or jello if you are from the US of A) shots – alcohol optional. Knock them back when the following things happen in the movie.

How to Play

Drink every time:

  • London looks a lot nicer than it actually is (go easy here!)
  • Hugh Grant’s hair is conveying an emotion his face is not displaying
  • Anyone’s clothes or accessories become central to the plot
  • The season changes – watch out for th eseasons montage!
  • An amusing scenario takes on a sudden air of seriosness before your very eyes
  • A joke happens that only British people would find funny

True Romace Movie Quiz

true romance movie game quiz

Answer this movie trivia quiz and then settle in for a romantic evening watching the movie. If you have never seen it then maybe watch it before trying out the quiz! It is available on Netflix, and Googe play and Youtube for a small fee.

1. Who plays Clarence and Alabama, the lead roles in “True Romance”?
Tim Roth and Brittany Murphy
Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette
 Michael Madsen and Naomi Watts 
 Edward Norton and Alicia Silverstone

2. Who directs “True Romance”?
Quentin Tarantino, Tony Scott, Ridley Scott or Michael Bay

3. Who is the mobster who sends Vincent Coccotti after Clarence and Alabama?
Frank Yankee, Chasin’ Jason Coyle, One Eyed Jack Hoyle or Blue Lou Boyle

4. Which character in “True Romance” is played by Michael Rapaport?
Mitch Rickey, Rich Dickie, Rick McKie or Dick Ritchie

5. In “True Romance”, what actor plays Nicky Dimes?
Samuel L Jackson, Chris Penn, Bronson Pinchot, James Gandolfini

6. Which actor does NOT appear in “True Romance”?
Val Kilmer, James Gandolfini, Samuel L. Jackson or Steve Buscemi

7. What is the name of the film being shown in Donowitz’s suite when he and Clarence meet at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel?
Full Metal Jacket, Deer Hunter, Apocalypse Now or Body Bags 2

8. What three words endlessly run through Alabama’s head during the final showdown at the Beverly Wilshire?
We gotta go, I love you, You’re so cool or We gotta get outta here

9. What food does Clifford Worley, Clarence’s father, call Vincent Coccotti?
Eggplant, Creampuff, Cookie or Sweet Pea

10. Clarence dies in the end of “True Romance”.
True or False ?

Reveal Quiz Answers Here

  1. Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette
  2. Tony Scott
  3. Blue Lou Boyle
  4. Dick Ritchie
  5. Chris Penn
  6. Steve Buscemi
  7. Body Bags 2
  8. You’re so cool
  9. Eggplant
  10. False

Whatever you decide to do this Valentine’s – keep it simple, as these are always the best ways to spend quality time together.

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