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Surprising Facts About Netball

Surprising Facts About Netball You Never Knew

Netball is a popular sport enjoyed by thousands of people around the world. But there are facts about netball that even its most avid fans may not be aware of! From the origins of the game to its current status as one of the fastest-growing sports in England, here are some surprising facts about netball you never knew.

Whether you’re an experienced player or just starting out, these facts will give you a new perspective on this beloved pastime. So read on and discover something new about your favourite sport!

Even the most dedicated netball enthusiasts may not know all the fun and surprising facts about netball

Girls Playing Netball

Surprising Facts About Netball:

  • Did you know that the first match of netball was actually played in 1939? 
  • Or that it was based on the original game of basketball, invented by Canadian James Naismith in 1982? 
  • It's been around a while! Netball is also called "women's basketball" in some countries and even as far back as when it first started playing, teams have been made up of seven players on each side.
  • But did you know there are only nine rotations allowed before passing the ball? And if that wasn't complicated enough, no player can spend more than three seconds holding onto the ball without bouncing or passing it - talk about a challenge! 
  • Fun fact you might not have heard: Australia’s national team has won every world championship since its inception in 1963 - now that's impressive!

Netball Popularity On The Rise In The UK

Netball in England is on fire right now! Even before the 2020 Lockdown, more and more people were picking up the sport all around the country. 

From schools to local clubs, netball provides an exciting way to stay active while having fun. With opportunities for both experienced players and those just starting out, it's little surprise that netball is experiencing an impressive surge in popularity. 

And thanks to organisations like UK Netball, they are making every effort to ensure that everyone can play, no matter who you are.

The International Netball Scene

Netball has been a global game for over a century, and as such, there have been some pretty incredible international tournaments and competitions held over the years. 

Did you know that every four years, an International Netball Federation World Cup tournament takes place? 

And in 2021, the most recent edition was hosted by Cape Town South Africa! On top of that, there are also several different regional tournaments held across Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Caribbean!

Netball Is Always A Crowd Pleaser

Netball is always a crowd-pleaser – be it on the court or in the stands. It's an incredibly active, dynamic and exciting sport that captivates people of all ages and skill levels. 

The pace at which it is played means there's never a dull moment, while its reliance on skill, technique and strategy make it highly enjoyable to watch even for those without a lot of prior netball experience. 

On top of that, it has an incredibly strong sense of community; players and supporters alike rally around their team and show each other tremendous amounts of support on and off the court.

For these reasons (and so many more!), it’s no wonder why netball is becoming so popular.

If you’re eager to learn the basics of netball but don't know where to begin, don’t fret! Getting started with netball is a fun and rewarding experience. 

We suggest starting off by watching some matches – either on television or in person if possible – so that you can get a feel for how the game works and understand its key rules. 

Watching these matches will also help you pick up on how players move and use tactics. After getting an understanding of the overall flow of the game, dive into something hands-on like attending a local coaching session or playing a friendly match with friends so you can put what you've learned into practice. 

No matter what skill level you are, getting started with netball is fun, good for your health and an enjoyable way to spend time with friends.

It's clear that netball is a dynamic and exciting game enjoyed by people of all ages, backgrounds and skill levels. From its history to its current surge in popularity - particularly in England - there are so many facts about netball we can learn from! 

Whether you're just starting out or have played for years, it's easy to get involved with this fun sport. With the help of organisations like UK Netball who provide support for those interested in playing, everyone has an opportunity to explore what netball has to offer. 

So why not give it a go? You won't regret it!

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