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Giant Connect 4

Connect 4: but not as you know it

When someone says 'Connect 4', what comes to mind?

Perhaps a small, sensible tabletop game to spark a little competition with family after your Christmas dinner?

What about massive 4 x 4 metre game constructed in a field where basketballs become counters and you shoot full size basketball hoops in fast-paced competition to win ‘4 in a row'?

No...? Well that's exactly what the team at "How Ridiculous" have done!

Epic Giant Basketball Connect 4

These guys have created a 10ft tall Connect 4 game with 7 regulation size basketball hoops as targets. Using full size basketballs in two colour-ways as counters for two teams,  they shoot the hoops with the aim of getting four in a row as quickly as possible without being blocked by the other team.

See how they’ve built it here:

Golf Connect 4

What about a Golf Connect 4 with a large ‘mini golf’ obstacle ramp built onto a golf course with 7 holes right at the top, with each hole-in-1 dropping into a giant connect 4 frame below?

How Ridiculous have brought this to life. Constructing a huge wooden ramp covered with turf, two teams aim to putt the 7 holes at the back to win four in a row. The balls drop into a frame at the bottom, and it’s a race against your opponent to connect your four before they create a block.

Our Giant Connect 4 in a Row Games

You might not have the space for an enormous Basketball or Golf Connect 4, so our selection of Giant Connect 4 in a Row games are the perfect choice. They may not be quite as huge but they’re just as much fun. Making the perfect Christmas gift, they’re great for playing indoors as well as outdoors; ideal for this chillier time of year!

Our Maxi 4 and Jumbo 4 are so much fun for little ones as they're not too high, but still giant sized! The whole family can join in with these too, so there'll be plenty of giggles this Christmas whilst things get a little competitive!

The Big 4 and Up 4 It are seriously Giant and perfect for grown-ups. The kids will love watching mum and dad get tactical! Giant counters and a chunky frame make this entertaining for the whole family; a perfect Christmas time treat.

See our Up 4 It in action here;

We love the addition of water balloons for the warmer months!

Do you have one of our Connect 4 in a Row games?

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