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Family Campfire Games

Family Campfire Games: 10 Great Games for the Whole Family

Looking for fun and engaging family campfire games for your next camping trip? Look no further! 

We've compiled a list of 10 great games that are perfect for all ages, from classic favourites like charades and I Spy to more unique games like Glow Stick Ring Toss and Two Truths & A Lie. So gather around the campfire and get ready to have some fun!

And if camping isn't really your thing - you can 'make a camp' in your living room instead and enjoy these family campfire games just the same.

Family Campfire Games: Great for Bonding and Fun

Family Campfire Songs are a great way to bond with your family and friends and create lasting memories. They are also a great way to get some exercise and fresh air. Whether you are camping in the woods or just having a campfire in your backyard, there is a family campfire game that everyone will enjoy.

1. Name That Song

This game is especially good if you happen to have a guitar and someone who can play it. Have the person with the guitar play a small and recognisable part of a song. The first person to correctly guess the artist and name of the song gets a point. Ultimate Guitar is always good in case they have to look up a song they don't yet know how to play.

Another way to play the game is to go round the circle of people round the fire and they each have to sing part of a song. Similarly to the first way to play the game people then get a point for guessing correctly.

2. Alphabet Lists

First you must pick a topic the people present know fairly well. It could be football teams, films, Disney characters etc. What you then need to do is work through each of the letters of the alphabet providing an example from your chosen topic.

For example if you were to pick football teams you would go "A is for Aston Villa, B is for Blackburn Rovers" and continue as far as you can. You may well find that towards the back end of the alphabet it will become difficult with letters such as X.

3. Glow Stick Ring Toss

As the sun sets and the night closes in it will become very dark around the campsite. You can take advantage of this by bringing some glowsticks and playing a variation of ring toss.

For the rings you will need a short and skinny bracelet style glowstick. Gently twist it to get it stated and then feed it into a ring.

Everybody takes turns to throw and the first to get their ring around the target three times wins.

For the target there are a few different options. If you have a water bottle spare you can stuff some glowsticks into it. This has the benefit of creating a lamp like effect. You can also use a thicker and longer glowstick than the rings and sink this into the ground.

4. Two Truths & A Lie

A fantastic guessing campfire game which is brilliant in its simplicity but also has the added element of acting.

Split the group into two teams. A member of the team must then give the two truths and a lie. The second team must correctly guess which statement is which.

Great examples include statements about your sporting ability, your childhood, food you like, places you have been etc.

Part of the fun can be the opposing team asking questions to the person to try and see if they can tell they are lying.

5. Charades

This one might be better on earlier on the evening when it's still light, or by torchlight.

One person from each group must use only gestures to act out a film, TV show, song, play, place, book or person. There must be no noises used! Each time a person guessed correctly they get a point.

6. I spy

You must first pick a "spy" in the group, they then must select an object in close proximity of the area and give the clue.

Usually this features a letter from the name of the object i.e, " I spy with my little eye something beginning with B" for a backpack.

Go round the group and let everybody guess what it is. If they can't the spy must give a second clue about the shape or colour of the object. When a person correctly guesses they then become the spy.

7. Unfortunately/ Fortunately

You are going to make up a story by a person in the group starting off with a crazy sentence. For example,

"Today I discovered that I can fly."

The next play must continue the story with another sentence that begins with "unfortunately". For example,

"Unfortunately you can only do so to a height of four feet."

The following person will then continue with a sentence which starts with fortunately.

"Fortunately this allowed you to reach the highest shelf in the kitchen".

The story then continues until it reaches a natural conclusion.

8. The Winking Assassin

Firstly you must select a "Godfather". Everyone else closes their eyes and the Godfather taps one person on the shoulder who then becomes the "Assassin". With everyone sat round in a circle the Assassin must wink at someone which takes them out of the game.

They must dramatically pretend to die. The game then continues until either the assassin kills all the other players or one the players correctly guesses who the assassin is.

9. Rock - Paper - Scissors

One of the classic campfire games which can be played with just two people. On the count of three two players much each reveal a gesture representing a rock, paper or scissors. Rock beats scissors, paper beats rock and scissors beats paper. Play to the best of five rounds. Make it more interesting by playing for a prize or forfeit for the loser.

10. Make Me Laugh

The group must be made into two two teams. Select a person from the opposing team. This person must survive a minute while the members of the other team try to make them laugh!

We're sure you already have terrific senses of humour but in case you're looking for some ideas on how to make people laugh you can check this out from The Guardian.

We hope you have fun with these campfire games, they really will add some enjoyment to the experience. Don't forget to share your games ideas and adventures with us - just tag @theplayexperts.