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A fun family Christmas game for everyone

Snowman Drive: Family Christmas Games

Discover the ultimate family Christmas game with Snowman Drive dice game. This festive twist on a classic dice game is perfect for family Christmas game gatherings. Snowman drive is simple to play with just one or two people or even as a group. This fun family Christmas game also lends itself very well to a quiet evening game over a video link up. We have even come up with some ideas of how to tailor it for very young children or if it’s just a group of adults playing.

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Your Ultimate Family Christmas Game Adventure

2 +
Prep time
2 mins
Playing time
Up to 30 mins
Energy Level

Your Living Room

1 Dice
Paper and pencil per player


    Game Set Up

    • Make sure each player has a piece of paper to start the game
    • Each player takes a turn throwing the dice in a clockwise direction – anti-clockwise if you please, you must throw a 6 to start drawing
    • When the first player gets a 6 they can draw the body of the snowman
    • The dice keeps going round the players and you can only draw the body part that relates to the dice number – but you have to draw them in order;
      6 = Body of snowman
      5 = Head of snowman
      4 = Left arm
      3 = Right arm
      2 = Hat
      1 = Carrot nose

    Adults Only Drinking Game

    • This family Christmas games can be taiolered for playing with just adults – you can spice things up a little by making each player drink every time they roll a number they don’t need that go.

    For Little Ones

    • A fun way to start this family Christmas game with younger players, is to create cut out snowmen – using little twigs or sticks for arms and eve a little slice of real carrot for the nose if you have some! This way the little ones have to build their snowman picture rather than draw it freehand. You could make it out of edible biscuits creating a yummy treat for the end of the game!

    The Online Game

    • You can easily play this family Christmas game with family members over a video call – just make sure each housold has a dice and you can play with them as though they were in the room with you.

    The Winner

    • The one who builds/completes their snowman first.

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