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Rainy Day Activities

Indoor and Outdoor Games To Play Whatever The Weather

Indoor and outdoor games are a great way to keep your children entertained, no matter the weather!

One of our favorite things to do at Big Game Hunters is to think up fun things to do. So we know that Britain does not always come up trumps with the weather and we have taken this into consideration. Let us share with you some fun indoor and outdoor games you enjoy with family and friends of all ages. 

Outdoor Games  - Get your game on with these outdoor gems!

So not as original as you thought for the first option - but the possibilities are endless with this first one. You can play all sorts of sports games, some of which they may play at school but there are always new ones you can try. You could get a chalk board/large pieces of paper and create a score board and mini-tournament between friends and siblings. 

You could then try playing more than one game and awarding points to everyone throughout the 'tournament'. These could include races, competitive games or games of skill or accuracy. It really depends on how many children you are entertaining at once! Ideas for sports games:

Two teams, two lines - you have to catch the frisbee behind your goal line to score.

  • Frisbee Target

Create circles on the ground, you have to land the frisbee in certain places to score different numbers of points.

Always good fun - no matter how old you are!  

Indoor Games - Get ready to have a blast indoors with these quirky and fun games!

So they do always say don't play ball games in the house - but I would say there are some games that can be played inside quite easily - with little chance of your house being wrecked!

  • Marbles

It is a classic - but never fails to entertain even the most fidgety of children. All you need is a bag of marbles, and something to mark out a circle with.

This game is so simple (pronounced coy-ts). If you don't have a bought version, you could create a simplified version using some ropes and bottles full of sand or stones to weigh them down. All you need to do is try to score points by throwing loops of rope over the posts/bottles or whatever you choose to use!

  • Sponge Basket

A favourite in our house when I was growing up! You place two baskets or waste paper bins at either end of the living room, and crawling on hands and knees you have to get the small cushioned sponge ball (you could use a ball of paper or a small cushion although they won't bounce) into the basket at the other end of the field without standing and remaining on a least one hand at all times - harder than it sounds!!

  • Musical Chairs/Cushions/Statues

Now who doesn't enjoy a good old party game? One to burn of a little bit of energy in your own living room, try spacing the chairs or cushions out as much as you can, or get everyone to do the most active dancing possible (if playing statues). It will burn off some excess energy when stuck inside on a rainy day!