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Rainy Day Activities

Rainy Day Activities for Kids – Fun Things to Do on Rainy Days

Rainy Day Activities for Kids

We are used to rainy day play here in Britain. We do have a habit for talking about the weather a lot but it is definitely not something that is going to dampen our spirits! We, the Play Experts like to think of fun ways to pass the time and a little rain is not going to be something that will get in our way! We have collected together our four favourite rainy day activities for kids to keep them (and you) amused when the sky is giving us its worst.

Rainy Day

An Outside Game

 Pooh Sticks So starting with an old favourite which in our opinion is definitely one worth putting the rain mac and wellies on for. As long as you have a bridge and stream/river nearby (that hasn’t flooded so much you can’t get near it!) It is also an excuse to get out in the rain which, let’s be honest most children love splashing around. Simply find a stick each – making sure it is distinctive, then throw them in, up-stream. This would usually be on one side of a bridge but if you don’t have a bridge maybe pick a starting point by a tree and decide on the finishing line (possibly by another tree). Watch the sticks float down river and the stick that reaches the finishing line first wins (well the person who chose the stick wins). This is a highly addictive game so be warned!

An Inside Game

 Scavenger Hunt! If you have found yourself entertaining a number of children at once, then a game to keep them all amused for some time can be difficult. With a few props and some imagination some children will keep themselves amused for some time but if they are stuck indoors it may be an idea to have a reserve game just in case they get restless at any point.

A scavenger hunt is always a good one to keep children engaged for a long rainy day play. Make a list of items that the children could quite easily find around the house. We have listed some ideas below. Give them a basket or area where they are to collect their ‘treasure’, this will almost act like a base for them to put everything they find.

Each child will be given an item to find, once they have done so and the item is back at their ‘base’ you can check it is there and then give them the next item to find. The harder you make it, the longer it will take but be careful not to make it too difficult or they will get bored! You could give the whole game a pirate or army theme depending on your children’s interests – with a mission for intel and a ‘base’ for the army theme and a ship and treasure for the pirates out there!

You could give them things to find like:

  • A green pen
  • A red sock
  • A clothes peg
  • An earbud
  • A tissue folded into a triangle

And so on, making the list harder depending on the age and ability. If you want to make it harder you could do things like ‘a marble wrapped in cotton wool’ or things they need to create rather than just find. If you have a mix of ages you could give some of the harder ones to the older children to make it fairer for the little ones.

Out & About

We have carried out a scavenger hunt of our own and found our favourite FREE activities around the country. Rainy day play does not have to be stuck inside your four wall and you may well enjoy some of these yourself! 


What? Imagine Children's Festival This is all about children taking over - from dressing up to dance, theatre, art and music. Find out more here
Where? the south bank centre
When? until Sunday 23rd Feb 2014

The South West

What? Hunt the Rainbow This is all about being on a hunt around the museum to collect all the colours of the rainbow - and there are even prizes involved!

Where? Hove Museum, Hove, Sussex 
When? until Sunday 23rd Feb 2014

The Midlands

What? Be on TV for FREE! This is all about being on TV at the BBC's public space -then you can watch the video back online! The Mailbox is in a nice area of Birmingham and close to the canals, NCC and Brindley Place so is a nice area to walk around if you want to stretch your legs after the excitement of being on TV! And although the children may complain, the Library of Birmingham is a pretty awesome building to have a walk around. Find out more about the BBC Public space here 
Where? The Mailbox in Birmingham (level 7)
When? all year round

The South West

What? Watch Turbo for free - free film screening This movie is all about a snail that races (yes, a snail!) And you can take the kids to watch it completely free this Saturday! Find out more about the screening and other events at the museum here

Where? Plymouth Museum and Art Gallery

When? Saturday 22nd February - 1.30pm - 3.15pm

The North East

What? Wild West at the Royal Armouries The Royal Armouries in Leeds will be taking on the theme of the Wild West this half term - with activities to keep your cowboys and cowgirls entertained. With knife throwing, shoot outs and gold panning there is a whole bunch of entertainment to keep you occupied from high-noon 'til sun-down! Find out more about the armouries here 

Where? The Royal Armouries, Leeds

When? until Sunday 23rd February, 2014

The North West

What? Kids Strike Back! The 'kids strike back' is the title of the February half term activities at the Lowry Outlet. These range from star wars to peppa pig to the Gruffalo! Find our more about the Lowry Outlet activities here.

Where? The Lowry Outlet, Salford Quays

 When? until Saturday 22nd February 2014