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Trampoline Exercise

Trampoline Exercise - A Fun Way to Stay Fit

Planning on trimming down? Bored of the same old same old?

Everyone wants to look their best. Sometimes the tried and tested methods of exercising don't suit the needs of every person. 

For example, people usually take stock of their physical fitness and shape after binging on mince pies and turkey legs at Christmas. They do the same before going on holiday to warmer climates in the summer months (sound familiar?!). 

It is during these times of the year that the health and fitness industry makes money and gyms inevitably offer discounted long term memberships to encourage people through the doors.

With these fun trampoline exercise tips, you could be bouncing your way to a leaner, fitter you in no time. 

Trampoline Exercise - No Gym Required

We know that gyms aren't for everyone. It might not be your idea of fun to be locked in a gym 3-6 days a week pumping iron or lethargically running on a treadmill. Having committed to an annual direct debit membership the people that lose motivation are penalised and end up spending their money for nothing. 

Workout instructional videos may also not be your thing as they are frequently spearheaded by reality TV stars with a limited knowledge of health and fitness. These people may also have been airbrushed within an inch of their lives on the cover of the DVD! People are looking for something a bit different and the answer may not be the first thing you would think of. The answer is a trampoline.

Everyone Loves a Trampoline

Everybody loves trampolines, but you may not have considered that they are actually an incredibly efficient way of doing exercise and losing weight. 

A 2006 NASA research project concluded that exercising on a trampoline is 70% more effective than doing normal running on flat ground for the same amount of time. It also has less of a negative impact on your joints and bones than city running, i.e. jogging on concrete. 

The reason for the effectiveness of this type of exercise is that it works the whole body rather than isolating certain parts. The resistance your muscles put up to the bounce will cause your core, legs and upper body to all strengthen from one exercise.

The benefits from this highly effective form of trampoline exercise are numerous and include;

  • Burning calories
  • Increased cardiovascular fitness
  • Increased oxygen capacity
  • Improved balance.

It even improves the circulation of the lymph through the lymph glands which makes it easier to breathe! Here are a few exercises that you can practise at home. Please remember to consult with a doctor before taking part in any new exercise.

Basic Bounce:

Make sure you have a good centre of balance and then go down into a slight squatting position. Collect some momentum and begin to bounce on the trampoline. It is a good idea to try this as a warm up before starting some of the other exercises listed below. Try 30 reps to get started.

Jumping Jacks:

This is a simple old fashioned exercise that when combined the work it takes to bounce makes for an effective cardiovascular workout. The repeated motion of your arms will add tone to your upper body whilst increasing your work rate and burning more calories. Attempt 30 reps 3 times.

Standing Knee Raises:

To work you legs when bouncing, raise your left knee to a 90 degree angle whilst in the air and then alternate this motion with the right. This will work your legs adding strength and tone the muscles. Again do 30 reps 3 times. There are many variations of these exercises but the important thing to remember is that you work with intensity to get your heart rate going. If you exercise on a trampoline three times a week for 20 - 30 minutes each session, combine this with proper diet and rest you will notice your waistline shrinking! Well who said this play equipment was just for kids?


Trampoline exercise is a fun and effective way to burn calories, improve cardiovascular fitness, and strengthen muscles. It's also low-impact and easy on your joints. 


If you're looking for a new way to get in shape, consider adding trampoline exercise to your routine.

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