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Snow Shovel Race: Family Christmas Games

Snow Shovel Race: Family Christmas Games

Looking for a fun filled family Christmas game that's both quick and easy, and utilises everyday household items? 

Let’s bring the winter inside and transform your indoor space into a winter wonderland and indulge in some wholesome family fun. The Snow Shovel Race, a fantastic family Christmas game, promises to keep everyone engaged and active while helping burn off those holiday indulgences. 

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Family Christmas Games To Create Lasting Memories


2 + 

Prep time 
5 mins

Playing time 
10-15 mins

Energy Level


Your Living Room

A Container: something to collect the ‘snow balls’ in. 
Cake Tins
OR Chocolate Tins/Boxes
OR A Large Bowl
OR A Saucepan
OR Improvise – use what you have!

Snow Shovels:
OR Spoons 


Cotton wool balls
OR Improvise – use what you have!
Top Tip: You can choose which implement to use based on the age of the user. Try something smaller and thinner for older children and adults, this will be more fair for the little ones!


Game Set Up
Mark out your course – a straight line from one end of the room to the other is usually best. If you have a room with a door ‘in’ and ‘out’ you could play in a circuit.
Put the cake tins about 10ft away from the start position.
Empty your snowballs at the starting position.
When the start whistle goes you have to move your snowballs to the cake tin using only your snow shovel.
If you drop a snowball you must stop and take it back to the start line.

Playing with Little Ones
If you have smaller members of the family who might find it hard with cotton wool, you can use ping pong or tennis balls and spoons to make it much easier.

Playing in Teams
If there are a few of you playing this family Christmas game – you can create a relay race so you take it in turns to deliver one snowball into your container, then the next person goes and so on.

The Winner
The first one to get all their snowballs into the cake tin without using their hands is the winner.

man and woman wearing santa hats sitting on sofa popping a confetti surrounded by christmas trees

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