Oval Trampolines

Oval trampolines haven't always been the most popular shape in trampoline designs, but having increased in prevalence over the last few years with many families enjoying the exciting benefits that oval trampolines offer. The benefits are proving to be very popular for many different reasons, including the high bounce quality, convenience and family-orientation. The guide below explains these benefits and advises on the various factors to consider when choosing an oval trampoline.

Bounce Quality

The bounce quality achieved on an oval trampoline is very different to the bounce on a round trampoline. The shape of an oval trampoline naturally means that the user is not pulled towards a certain area on the trampoline jumping area. This is due to how the springs work; when you bounce on a round trampoline, all of the springs work at the same time, meaning the user will always get pulled into the centre. However, on an oval trampoline the springs all work at different times due to the straight edges on the frame and the way the springs react to this. This allows the user to always land where their feet left off, encouraging control and accuracy.

With a larger length than width on an oval trampoline, the user feels that they have a spacious area to carry out their jumping activities. Whether the trampoline is required for exercising or simply for some exciting garden fun, the oval shape provides a large jumping area and a controlled space for precision and height.

The bounce quality also depends on the amount of springs that is featured on that particular model of oval trampoline. Generally, the more springs that are included, the better the bounce quality - so it is important to consider the specifications of each trampoline during your search.

The specifications are available to view when you click on each product. The thickness of the safety padding is also an important feature to consider as this provides safety and stability for the user. Thick padding keeps the user protected from the trampoline frame while also ensuring that the pads last for as long as possible.

For different garden shapes and sizes

Oval trampolines are suitable for gardens of many different sizes and shapes. Starting at 8ft x 14ft, these trampolines provide a very large jumping area, while the thinner width allows the trampoline to fit conveniently into different types of outdoor spaces.

You may have a very long garden with a thinner width, which would enable the trampoline to fit neatly into the corner or end of the garden without compromising on the entire length. Equally, you may have a very wide garden with a short length, and the trampoline can therefore sit width-ways at the end of the garden. This provides you with lots of space to bounce on the trampoline bed without the entire trampoline imposing too much on the rest of your outside space.

While also suiting uneven size gardens, the oval shape lets the trampoline fit into unusual shaped garden spaces. We do recommend that a 1.5m space is left around the edge of the trampoline to make sure there are no obstructions to the user, however the curved edges of the oval trampoline will line up neatly in a parallel fashion next to any curved perimeters.

Oval Trampolines: Complete Family Fun

Oval trampolines can offer more than just a bouncing platform - it could be a place to eat a picnic or somewhere to sit and chat while socialising with friends and family. You could use the trampoline as somewhere to hide underneath (being careful that no one is bouncing on it at the time), or somewhere to relax or have a lie down when the sun is shining. A trampoline of this nature is a great investment for the whole family - not just the children.