Trampoline Mats / Trampoline Beds


Trampoline Mats are one of the most important components of a trampoline. They are the part of the trampoline which you bounce on. It is therefore a must that you keep trampoline mats in top condition. Beds can become damaged by sharp object such as keys. Should you see any worrying signs of wear and tear you must immediately be on the lookout for a replacement.

Low quality trampolines inevitably are produced with low quality trampoline beds which rip and rot over time. They aren't built to stand a variety of weather conditions and will crack in winter when exposed to frost or dull in colour when exposed to summer sun. The key to quality replacement trampoline mats is the material they are made out of which must be durable in all circumstances.

  • Eye Triangle Attachments - Every trampoline mat is supplied with galvanised trampoline eyelets to attach the springs between the bed and trampoline frame. We supply them as metal eyelets to ensure absolute strength and performance, unlike their plastic counterparts these attachments are not affected by the sun and can withstand a substantially higher weight load.
  • 8 Layer Stitching- This is a substantial upgrade from what you find on most budget trampolines on the market. The 8 layers of stitching ensure that your child is safe at all times by reducing the risk of tearing at the seams and joint areas on the trampoline mat.
  • UV Stable - Where most budget trampoline beds quickly start loosing colour, become slack and eventually start fraying. Our trampoline mats are designed to withstand UV rays, which means that they last for a number of years. The UV protection also helps prevent glare which stops sunburn on children's delicate skin.
  • Easy To Fit - The trampoline mats are built for easy installation, where its simply a case of just attach the spring to the bed and they ready to bounce.
  • Waterproof - All trampolines supplied are fully waterproof with a special drainage weave design. This means that the trampoline will never poole water, which in turn means that your trampoline bed will never sag because of being put under constant weight strain.
  • Warranty - All the trampoline mats come with a full 1 year warranty that covers every aspect of manufacturing fault, so you can have piece of mind while your children bounce.