Trampoline Safety Enclosures and Nets

Complete Trampoline safety enclosures are designed to protect the user of your trampoline when bouncing. A trampoline enclosure is a must have accessory for any trampoline, preventing injury to the person bouncing and also preventing them leaving the mat.

Our enclosure sets include poles which are convered in foam, PVC sleeves, mesh nets and the fixings you will need to attach the enclosure to your trampoline.

You may not need to replace the entire enclosure on your trampoline and we also supply just the net for a variety of sizes and shapes. Our round trampoline nets attach with clips on the inside of the pads which means that they provide additonal safety. The user won't even come into contact with the pads when they are bouncing.

The nets attach to the the poles on your enclosure with the use of three straps which secure the net in place. The mesh netting is weather resistant and will stand up to all kinds of weather without you having to take it down