All Trampolines


We currently have two fantastic rectangular trampolines available in the Skyhigh range: 7ft x 10ft and 8ft x 14ft..

We also offer the trampolines in packages trampoline enclosures to ensure that the person bouncing stays safe and doesn't leave the mat. You can also include a trampoline ladders to make it easier to get on and off the trampoline at checkout. We also have this option available for trampoline covers to keep your trampoline clean.

As previously mentioned all our trampoline deals come with an enclosure included. A trampoline enclosure is a series of poles which attach to the leg of the trampoline either with a bolt that either goes through the leg or clips around the outside.

The poles suspend a net up in the air which then clips underneath the surround pad holding it upright and in place. When the trampoline enclosure is properly assembled the net will be pulled tight and prevent the user from leaving the bounce mat should they stumble during use.