Trampoline Pads

The trampoline padding is a vital safety component. Trampoline pads surround the edge of the trampoline protecting against banged heads, grazed knees and fingers and toes trapped in springs. They cover the springs with protective foam cushioning and bridge the gap between the very outer frame of the trampoline and the edge of the bed or bouncing mat.

All trampolines come with Trampoline Pads to begin with, however these tend not to last as long as your trampoline so you will come to a point where your pads will need replacing before your trampoline does. We have carefully selected a wide range of trampoline padding which should give you exactly what you are looking for.

Trampoline pads are an essential part to any trampoline. They protect the springs from weather. They protect your children from the springs. They also give the trampoline an aesthetically pleasing look as they usually come in nice colours which will look good in your garden.

You may want to:

  • Give your trampoline a face lift
  • Give the edge of your trampoline a thicker replacement pad so it is more comfortable to sit on
  • Provide your equipment with a more durable and longer lasting trampoline pad
  • Keep your trampoline looking newer for longer

We provide a range of trampoline pads in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, click the links below to view our deluxe range of trampoline pads:

8ft Trampoline Pads
10ft Trampoline Pads
12ft Trampoline Pads

14ft Trampoline Pads
Trampoline Padding Guide

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