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Fun Easter Activity Ideas for Kids

5 Exciting Easter Activity Ideas for Kids – Fun ways to enjoy the Bank Holiday Weekend

The Easter Bank Holiday is now upon us! This is great for the kids who will enjoy their holiday from school. However parents might be stuck for inspiration for fun Easter activity ideas of how to best enjoy the time with the kids and keep them occupied.

sports easter

5 Exciting Easter Activity Ideas

Go Outside and Play!

This may seem like quite an obvious choice but in the age of videogames and the internet children are spending less time enjoying the great outdoors. Get a football and go to the park for a kick around. Anyone can get involved and it is a great way to get some exercise whilst having fun and enjoying the sunny weather. 


For those whose sporting interests lie elsewhere just pick your favourite. Whether it is Cricket, rounders or flying a kite it doesn’t matter providing you make the time to go and enjoy the weather.

egg hunt easter

Easter Egg Hunt

This Easter activity idea is a firm favourite with kids. Get a basket and fill it with some Easter eggs, sweets or anything else you want to have as the prize. You then need to pick a place to hide your Easter goodies! Remember to adjust the difficulty of the hiding place according the age of the children because you want the game to be challenging and exciting without being overly difficult! Similarly you don’t want the game to be too short. 


For younger children hide the basket in a fairly easy place to see, near a flower bed or tree. For older children you can be a bit more ambitious! The adult who has hidden the basket can give the children a series of clues and egg them on by shouting ”hotter” and “colder” depending on how close they are to finding the prize!

chalk easter

Chalk Self Portraits

This Easter activity idea is perfect for children to explore their artistic tendencies on the patio or drive of your house. Buy a set of coloured chalk and begin drawing portraits of people in your family, animals or cartoon characters. To add a competitive element you can offer a prize to the best chalk drawing and this will encourage the children to concentrate and do a really good job. It will be easy to remove the chalk with a hose when you are done or you can simply wait for it to rain.

pressed flowers easter

Flower Pressings

Flower pressing is a fun Easter acivity idea which allows you to enjoy the beautiful flowers that come to life during the spring. Go outside and collect the flowers from your garden or the park in the morning. This is when the dew has dried but before it is too hot. Flowers that have just opened will make the best pressings. Also avoid ones that have been chewed by insects or are bruised. Be sure to pick flowers responsibly, i.e. avoid anything poisonous or indeed flowers in other people’s gardens! When you press the flowers place them between the pages of a heavy book and protect the pages with wax paper so they don’t get stained. Wait two to four weeks depending on the thickness of the flower until it has a papery quality to it. You can then use the flowers for arts and crafts and arrange them in a pretty collage!

easter 2014 ducklings

Feed the Ducks

This is another traditional outdoor Easter activity idea that you can enjoy with your children so head down to your local national trust park that has ducks or pond. It is a common misconception that the best foot to feed ducks is bread. This is actually unhealthy for ducks in excessive amounts because the carbohydrates will make them fat! Some alternatives to bread include grapes cuts in half, grains, frozen peas that have been defrosted or even duck feed pellets. Feeding the ducks is a relaxing activity for parents and kids alike and with the right food you can help them to watch their figure for the summer! Easter is a wonderful time of the year and a great opportunity to spend time with the kids so get out there and enjoy some of the activities listed above. Leave the gadgets indoors and enjoy!