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Create The Perfect Play Tent Reading Nook

Children’s eagerness to learn and ability to engage imagination is magical to see; whether through active outdoor play, quiet play or immersing themselves in a storybook. Enjoying their favourite stories time and time again or exploring the pages of a brand new book opens up a world of imagination. Outdoor reading nooks are a lovely way of increasing time spent reading and provide an inspiring place for the adventures to unfold. Enjoying a variety of books while they're little can spark a life-long love of reading. 

Reading independently at home and in school encourages youngsters to explore their own imagination, creating vivid imagery and adventures while being totally absorbed in the story unfolding before them.

In this article we are are going to share some inspirational ideas on how to create the perfect play tent reading nook for your little ones. 

How To Create The Perfect Play Tent Reading Nook

Reading nooks in school...

Nooks in classrooms are becoming more and more popular. They provide a comfortable and familiar space for children to retreat to and read stories during class or break-time.

Independent reading time and storytelling as a group gives little ones chance to develop their own reading skills, practise words and sounds while understanding the exciting story being told.

In larger class sizes the opportunity to create small reading areas for children to practice reading to each other and develop listening skills can be really beneficial.

They provide lovely focus and concentration in an environment that feels familiar and safe. Reading in a smaller space while growing the confidence to read aloud helps little ones prepare for reading in larger groups.

Teepees and little dens inside the classroom or wooden playhouses in an outdoor play area create perfect spaces for children to share. They can retreat to their favourite space, read and develop literacy skills in a fun and inspiring environment.

If you're keen to bring an exciting reading nook to your school, Big Game Hunters  offers a wide range of cotton Teepees and wooden playhouses. These dens make perfect areas for story time while encouraging plenty of active outdoor play. They're brilliantly versatile! 

Reading nooks at home...

Little ones love to play outdoors, so creating an outdoor reading nook that doubles up as an imaginative play space inspires lots of fun. It's the perfect way to encourage children to settle down with a new storybook, or play actively in the lovely fresh air when they're full of energy.

Wooden playhouses make enchanting places for imaginative play and cosy spaces to relax with a book. They give youngsters an exciting den they can call their own. A tower playhouse can enhance the fun even more with its platform and slide, so little ones can zoom down from their 'tree-top adventure'!

Dens, teepees and playhouses are also the perfect spaces to play with friends, learning about the world around them through imaginative play.

Feeling comfortable in a familiar space can help children to communicate with each other. Their very own playhouse becomes a cherished miniature home where friends and siblings can share ideas and take part in make-believe adventures. They'll soon be chatting away and exploring together.

When the little ones start to wind down after an adventurous day, they can cosy up in the den to read their favourite stories to each other. The addition of some blankets and cushions makes it even more relaxing. Providing a treasured reading nook is a lovely way of increasing time spent reading.

For inspiration and ideas on reading nooks amongst a variety of imaginative outdoor play resources for your home, visit us here. Save

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