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Timeless Tree Swings

Garden Tree Swing Guide: What You Should Know

Tree swings are a timeless and fun addition to any garden. They can be enjoyed by children and adults of all ages, and they come in a variety of designs to suit any taste. But with so many different options available, it can be tough to know where to start.

In this article, we'll provide you with some inspiration with our garden tree swing guide.

We'll cover everything you need to know, from choosing the right tree to installing and maintaining your swing. We'll also share some creative design ideas and safety tips.

Garden Tree Swing Guide:

Got a nice tree? Why not create a Tree Swing?

Tree swings can be great fun for children and adults alike. Tree swings are timeless and will never look out of date or out of place in your garden! 

A strong branch can be much stronger and higher than a metal or plastic swing frame and so can be suitable for adults. If you haven’t been on a swing since you were a kid we think you should try it, it is just as much fun as it used to be!

Aesthetically Pleasing

Tree swings can be a nice garden feature as well as a fun piece of play equipment. There are so many primary coloured plastic or metal swing frames that can be bought very cheaply from supermarkets to department stores - but do these really blend into the natural surroundings of your garden? 

Tree swings made from natural poly hemp ropes and wooden seats will look at home next to trees and leafy areas in your garden. They are quite unobtrusive when it comes to design and also not particularly obtrusive on your bank balance. You can browse a whole range here and you can see just how many different designs you could choose from.

Creating a Safe Swing

One of the most important considerations when creating a tree swing is making sure it is safe. When hanging a tree swing you need to consider the safety of both the tree and the swinger. 

Avoid damage to bark and killing the branch by wrapping the rope around the branch a few times. This will stop the rope chafing and will allow the branch to continue to grow as the rope loops will simply enlarge with the branch. Anything tied tightly or hammered into the branch will be “grown over” by the tree or could kill the branch. Making sure your tree branch is strong enough is also very important - if you aren't sure you could call in a professional. Inspecting a tree for obvious signs of ill health is a good start. 

A healthy tree will have good bark and nice green leaves. Single rope tree swings such as a wooden monkey tree swing will swing in all directions which can be much more fun than a standard 'backwards and forwards' design. However, you must watch out for children bashing into the tree trunk! The nature of the single rope swing is that the rope will sit between the swingers legs. This is not always as comfortable as swinging on a normal seat tree swing such as the wooden tree swing which is nice to simply sit in and gently rock back and forth.

Installing Your Tree Swings

Making sure the two ropes are level if you are installing a double rope swing is very important. If your seat has two ropes, these will have adjusters on and you will be able to move these up and down until the seat is level. If you don't do this the seat will not swing properly and could twist and rock - not making a very comfy ride! 

The Height above ground must be enough to avoid the swingers feet hitting the ground. It is also good to make sure it is not too high for the swinger to get on the seat - especially if younger children are going to use the swing. We would recommend setting the seat height to 50cm from the ground. 

Over time, some ropes may stretch a little so it is worth checking the height every now and again to make sure it is still at a good height. Our range of tree swings have figure of 8 adjusters so there is no need to re-tie knots - you just simply glide the ropes through and pull through the slack to move the seat up and down.

A tree swing that grows with the family

One very popular way of creating a tree swing is with tree swing conversion ropes. The tree swing conversion ropes will give you a tree swing to grow with your family. 

With conversion ropes you can change the accessory or swing seat whenever you like. The ropes attach to your tree giving you a safe base. They leave a carabiner clip dangling and ready for any swing seat to be clipped onto. 

The conversion ropes are compatible with our baby and toddler swings too. They can be easily interchanged with the carabiner snap hooks for any other seat. This could be a horizontal tyre swing designed for two children. Or you could use a traditional wooden swing which could be used by adults up to 70kg. Save