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WInter Trampoline Care

Winter Trampoline Care and Maintenance

Winter can be the most strenuous time of year for the components of your trampoline. With rain, snow and the cold weather this will really separate quality trampolines for the cheap and nasty ones. 

Regardless of which trampoline you have, a little winter trampoline care and maintenance will ensure your trampoline survives the winter in great condition ready for when things get warmer and brighter in spring.

Your Winter Trampoline Care Guide

Buy a quality trampoline

The temptation will always be there to purchase the cheapest trampoline possible from Amazon, eBay or even those well known supermarket chains. Often there is a reason certain companies can offer trampolines for what seems like a steal. They will likely be made from inferior quality steel which may not be galvanised properly making it more susceptible to rust when it rains. Quality trampolines will also have more a more durable covering for its enclosure poles and surround pad such as sleeves which are made of PVC. Cheaper trampolines are likely to have bare foam on its trampoline enclosure poles which will rot when exposed to the British winter weather.

Cover up from the cold and frost

With a trampoline cover you can prevent weather damage as it offers a protective layer between the trampoline and the cold. It is a common misconception that trampoline covers are designed to keep the trampoline completely dry. However all good trampoline covers are fitted with a small drainage hole in the centre which allows water to pass through the holes in the mat so there isn't any unnecessary strain on the frame.

If you don’t plan on using the trampoline during the winter you can detach the poles and net of the enclosure and store these in the garage or shed before attaching the cover. If you want to continue using the trampoline during the winter then simply unhook the net from the bottom of the trampoline and feed the cover through before attaching it. Remember to remove the cover and reattach the net if you wish to bounce. We understand some trampoline designs make this difficult as they have an all-in-on enclosure and net design. If this is the case speak to the manufacturer of your trampoline as they should sell a cover that works for that design. If you are yet to buy a trampoline this is definitely something to consider when you do - how easy is it to put a cover on in winter?

Clear the snow

Unlike rain snow will settle on the top of the trampoline, it is important you clear the snow from the top of the trampoline so it doesn't put strain on the frame and springs of the trampoline. You can do this with a shovel or a broom every few days, if there continues to be a build up.


The wind can sometimes increase to dangerous speeds during the winter month and this could put your trampoline at risk from moving or taking off. Think of it like a giant parachute in your garden. Trampoline anchors are essentially a metal stake which is driven into the ground and then attaches to the legs of the trampoline using strong straps and buckles to tighten. If you have a 14ft round trampoline or larger, or a large oval or rectangular trampoline then you will need to consider a double anchor kit which attaches the trampoline in eight different places for added security.

Take Extra Care When Bouncing

One thing to definitely bear in mind during the winter is that the surface of the mat may become slippery if it rains, sleets or snows so it is important to take due care when bouncing. If the mat is particularly moist it will be worth clearing the area with a towel so the bouncer doesn't slip and fall at an odd angle.


By following these winter trampoline care tips, you can help to extend the life of your trampoline and keep it safe for your family and friends to enjoy. 


Remember to cover your trampoline, clear the snow, and anchor it down in windy weather. 


You should also be extra careful when bouncing on your trampoline in the winter, especially if the mat is wet. 


With a little care and maintenance, your trampoline can provide years of fun and enjoyment.

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