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Tough Dog Balls

Our dog balls are seriously strong - suitable for even the most aggressive chewers and are virtually indestructible. We gave balls to some of the most destructive dogs we know and they put the balls through rigorous testing before we could make this bold statement. We've also put these dog balls through chemical testing to ensure they are absolutely safe.

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Dogs just want to play, right? Too often though, after just a few minutes (sometimes seconds!) of playing with a brand new ball, the game's over. Somehow they've managed to pierce the ball or tear it to shreds. That's why getting tough balls for dogs is worth the money, because you won't have to keep replacing them.

We've all tried to find a dog ball or chew that is everlasting. Most dog balls claim to be, but in our experience they fail within a few minutes, or hours if you're lucky.

Fully endorsed by our office dogs Archie and Mitzi, we're so glad to have found a dog ball which is so strong that it's virtually indestructible. So we're really proud to share it with you and your canines.

The Big Game Hunters Dog Ball originated as a ball for coaching cricket. The balls were so strong that some players started taking the balls home for their dogs to try.

Amazingly, they turned out to be the hardiest balls they had ever had.

Of course, those balls didn't return to the training sessions as the pooches were enjoying them so much.

So, the ball quickly became a dual purpose product.

Needless to say, we keep the dogs away from the cricket ground while coaching. Archie and Mitzi, our office dogs (pictured below, loving life), are full supporters and are still on their first balls.

The dog balls looks like tennis balls but they're not even similar. They're much heavier, weighing 131g each. The outer rubber layer is nearly three times the thickness of a standard tennis ball. The outer layer is 8mm thick but a normal tennis ball is 3mm thick. This is how the ball survives even the strongest of teeth.

Your canine friends can now meet their match.