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Giant & Hi-Tower Buying Guide


Which Tower Game will be Best for Me?

Without trying to make you go for the most expensive one, we want to show you exactly what the differences are between each tower. So the names are confusing, and why is one more expensive than another? Here we try to explain all your burning questions!

Jumbo Hi-Tower Mega Hi-Tower Giant Hi-Tower Super Giant Hi-Tower
Block Dimensions (cm) 15 x 5 x 3 18 x 6 x 4.5 21 x 7 x 4.5 28.5 x 7 x 4.5
Start Height 60cm 90cm 90cm 90cm
Average Height During Play 120cm 150cm 180cm 200cm
Maximum Height 168cm 252cm 252cm 252cm
Foot Print (cm) 15 x 15 18 x 18 21 x 21 28.5 x 28.5
Bag Included:
Bag Optional:
Heat Treated Pine:
Weight 7.8kg 13.5kg 20kg 26kg
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Buying a giant version of the game is a decision we believe should not be taken lightly! What is so great about this oversized game and why should you buy one? If you have decided to buy, which one do you buy? Questions, questions! We try to answer some of those here...

What is So Great About these Giant Towers?!

Apart from being one of the most fun giant games on the market to date - having sold well over 50,000 (we estimate that means at least 150,000 people have played the game at some point) - there are also these reasons for it being a great game:
    • People of all ages can play it (even little ones - with some help being lifted up for the taller blocks or use of a chair for the larger versions)

    • It brings people together - families and friends (as long as no competitive arguments start!!)

    • Can play for hours - keeping people entertained without the use of a television!

    • Gives everyone an excuse to get outside

    • Can be used inside too - wondering what to do for your nest Christmas party?

    • Solid blocks are really durable

    • The chunky blocks are difficult to lose - unlike the smaller version of the game however, if you are unfortunate to lose a block we do sell replacement blocks!
  • Makes a great gift - looks huge in wrapping paper too!
Jumbo Hi-Tower
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As the tower with the lowest price tag, what does this tower offer?

1. It is ideal for younger players as it is lighter and easier to reach the top
2. The wooden blocks are just as durable in the smaller game as the larger games - each block measures 150mm x 50mm x 30mm.
3. It is great for indoors as well as out
4. This version is the perfect gift or for those of you who really want a Giant Jenga style game but don't have the space to store one of the big versions. It even comes with a handy bag to pack the game away into.

Mega Hi-Tower
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As the second lowest in price and size - what can this tower offer that the others can't?

1. It comes with a bag included in the price (always useful)
2. The tower starts just as high as Giant Tower and Hi-Tower at 0.9m
3. The Mega Hi Tower is a lot lighter at 18kg in total
4. Each block is 180 mm x 60 mm x 45 mm
5. Each block weighs 312g

Giant Hi-Tower
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1. The blocks are longer and wider making a more stable tower
2. The extra stability can allow the tower to build higher and the game last longer
3. Each game piece is 210 mm x 70 mm x 45 mm
4. We know so many people who have had this game for well over 10 years!

Super Giant Hi-Tower
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1. It is the most superior game - starting at 0.9m and reaching well over 6ft in some game play
2. The gaps between the blocks give a wider, more stable footprint and make them easier to grip and remove
3. Each wooden block is a solid 280 mm x 70 mm x 45 mm and weighs 450g
4. So solid and durable you may even end up passing this one onto your grandchildren!

Remember, carry-bags or storage bags are available for all towers.
The picture below summarises the height of each Giant Tower, with measurements from the start to an average height during game play. This will give you an idea of which tower gives a game that will last the longest - although remember this is all down to player skill and the stability of the surface you are playing on!