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How to Play Giant & Hi-Tower Games

Playing Giant Jenga

The giant game of Giant Tower, Hi Tower or Tumble Tower as it is also known has very simple rules. It can test both the physical and mental skills of the players as well as your nerve!

Numbers of Players
Traditionally the game is played with two players - these can be of any age. We would suggest matching up people of a similar age and height in order to make the game fair, however we know this isn't always possible. Saying this, it can also be fun having a competition between different age groups - for example parents vs. children!

Can You Play In Teams?
Playing Giant Tower in teams can be just as rewarding as playing the game with just two people. You can create the team, then, take turns within your team. Just be aware that, the bigger your team, the less goes each person will get.

The benefit of playing as a team is, you will have more people involved at one time so definitely better for a party atmosphere.

Another way to involve more people is to have a 'winner stays on' tournament, or a tournament where everyone plays everyone else and the person with the most wins gets a prize (the prize can just be the pride of winning the game if you like!)

How to Set Up the Giant Towers
To build a firm and secure base (in order to get a reasonably lengthy game) start with two blocks next to each other and create one block-width gap between them. Then place two more blocks on top in the same manner but at right-angles facing the other way. That way you have created a more solid base to play the game from - We wouldn't recommend trying to move any of these four pieces during the game!!

The picture at the top shows versions of the giant game being played - you can see the gap between the two blocks at the bottom as described.

All you need to do then is line 3 of the wooden blocks up next to each other on top of the second row of two blocks in the opposite direction, then take another three and align them next to each other at right angles to the first layer of three blocks.

The pictures of the towers will give you a better idea of what we mean by this. The blocks alternate until you have used up all 58 blocks. To make it easier to play, it is recommended that you make sure all the blocks are straight - so no pieces are sticking out at the start.

The Hi Tower pieces should be evenly spaced along the length of one block. This will leave gaps in between the blocks (as seen in the right-hand picture below) but will also give it a wider base - allowing for a longer and higher game!

The Giant Tower and Mega Hi Tower games should be aligned with no gaps in between the rows of three.

Playing Giant Jenga

Playing the Game of Hi Tower or Giant Tower
Each person takes their turn by selecting one block they want to move from the tower. This can be done by gently touching each piece to gauge how loose it is.

Once a player has taken the block with two fingers - i.e. grasped the piece, they must then move that piece.

They must then carefully stack teh pieces back on top of the tower. If the tower topples and fal - the person who has just had their turn or whose turn it is (if they are touching the tower) is the loser!

Giant Jenge Rules