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Netball Tactics & Training

Netball Tactics

There are many different tactics to winning the game when you're playing netball. You will have to outsmart the opposition in order to get the ball to the right place at the correct time so your team can score.

Attacking Tactics

footwork rules in netball

Attacking involves being a goal shooter, goal attack or wing attack. You have to know where you're allowed to go on the court and try to create space on the court for your teammates to go before they shoot or pass it again. You have to keep your eye on the ball but also the hoop so you know how close you are before you're in reach to shoot your shot. When you're near the hoop and in line to shoot there are going to be defenders trying to block you so you should try some tactics to throw them off. Some players even pretend to shoot to distract the defenders and then shoot.

Defending Tactics

fence around the netball court

Defending means you are one of the players who is trying to stop other players getting their ball into their hoop. As a defender you have a very important role in doing your job right. You could be the decider between your team winning or losing, and that's why you need good tactics! One classic way of helping your team score as a defender is chasing your designated player until they are too tired to react quick enough which means you can snatch the ball. Another good tactic is to never let the ball out of your sight, follow it and make sure to get in the way! This will ensure the ball is bound to fall into your hands soon enough. You should also make sure your reactions are sharp, you need to be aware and ready for a ball to come your way so you can throw it to the attacking players so they can score a winning goal!

Shooting Tactics

netball hoop ring for shooting

When you're shooting, try to make sure you are standing in the correct position to get the best aim possible. You push your stronger arm up and hold your elbow for support with the other. Keep one foot on the ground and push yourself forward with the other so you are as close to the hoop as possible. You also need team strategy like passing the ball to someone who isn't being marked or calling people's names so they know where to go and if someone is about to pass to them. If you work together as a team and use lots of netball tactics then you are guaranteed to win any game!

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