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Parachute Ball Games

All of the games listed below require a ball or object that can be either thrown in the air or kicked around. The games explained here require a football, a beach ball, small tennis ball, plastic balls or beanbags. The game can be played by multiple players and are popular with both children and adults.
These games are often popular with larger groups of players and it helps players work together and develop team-working skills. 

Round the Plughole

Players Needed: 4+

Have players evenly spaced around the parachute and then place 3 or 4 small light balls on the surface. The aim is to keep them moving around the parachute without letting them drop down the hole in the middle.

Hole in One

Players Needed: 6+

Players are split into two teams and each team then stands on opposite sides of the parachute. Add four or more light plastic balls in two different colours to the top of the parachute. The aim is then for each team to shake the parachute and get the other teams ball into the hole in the middle of the parachute.


Players Needed: 6+

All of the players stand evenly spaced around the edge of the parachute and hold it taut. A large ball is placed near the edge with the aim being trying to get the ball to roll around the edge of the parachute. As the ball goes towards the player, they need to lower the edge and as it goes past you raise the parachute back up. When the players manage to do it in sync and create a wave going around the edge players often get excited that they have managed to make it work! Concentration and cooperation are important to making this game work. Once players have got the hang of it the game can be adapted to go faster or get the players to change direction.

balls on parachute

Chute Ball

Players Needed: 4+

This game is best played with a large inflatable beach ball. Simply have all the players stand around the edge of the parachute and by pulling the parachute upwards and outwards throwing the ball as high in the air as possible. If being played in the warm summer sun and you have the opportunity to dry the parachute out after water balloons can replace the ball.

Competitive Chute Ball

Players Needed: 4+

Split the parachute into two halves and make a line across the parachute if possible. A great way of doing this is with masking tape. Then divide players evenly and get them to stand on their side of the parachute. An inflatable ball is thrown into the centre of the parachute. The aim of the game is to get the ball off the other side of the parachute and not on your own side. Players must not let go of the parachute or let the ball touch them on any part of their body as it leaves the parachute. You can keep score if you like but that's optional.

Bouncing Balls

Players Needed: 6+

A couple of players are selected to go under the parachute whilst the rest of the players need to stand evenly around the edge of the parachute. The players underneath the parachute have to try and knock off the balls from the top while the other players stood around the edge need to keep the balls on the parachute and keep them bouncing.

bouncing balls


Players Needed: 8+

Everyone stands around the parachute and holds on with two hands. Players are divided into two teams. A ball is rolled under the parachute and then the ball is kicked around underneath the parachute. The aim of the game is for to kick the football out of any side of the parachute and this is classed as a goal. You can keep score if you like but this is optional. Once players have got the hang of it you may like to add an additional football with a different design and set a challenge that each team has to get their teams football out from under the parachute.

Parachute Volleyball

Players Needed: 6+

Split the players into two teams around the parachute and make sure they are stood opposite each other so that they have half the parachute each. Simply throw a ball of any size onto the parachute, and the aim is to get the ball off the other team's half of the parachute to get a point. Once it has bounced off the parachute simply place the all back on the parachute and start play again.


Players Needed: 4+

With all of the players placed around the parachute holding on tightly, a number of small balls or bean bags are placed on the parachute. The players then shake the parachute to make the objects rise like popcorn. You may like to vary this game and you can split players into two teams with half wanting to bounce the balls off and half trying to keep them on. If playing outside and in the summer sun with the option of drying the parachute off after you may like to add water balloons to add some extra entertainment and enjoyment to the game.