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Warm Up Parachute Games

"These games and ideas are popular to start a game session when using the parachute. The games below are also gentle and ideal for warming up players before playing more active games. These games are perfect if you are introducing a parachute to players for the first time, as it allows them to get a feel for the parachute. If you are looking for more active games ideas, games for smaller children or a great way to wind down at the end of the session you can find a whole host of different games and ideas here:


Players Needed: 6+

All the players stand around the edge of the parachute holding the parachute at waist height. Count to three with one and two being small practice lifts. On three all the players lift the parachute over their heads and crouch down bringing the parachute behind them. This then creates what looks like a mushroom. Depending on the size of the parachute and the amount of players you may be able to sit on the edge of the parachute and stay under for a few minutes.

Making Waves

Players Needed: 6+

Players stand evenly spaced around the outside of the parachute and hold on to the handles or the edge of the parachute. The players then need to make small, medium or large movements to make various types of ""waves"". The game can be adapted depending on the ages and abilities of players. If you want to you can incorporate a story about a ship sailing on the sea and the different types of weather they may be facing and getting them to make waves which fit the story.

Mexican Wave

Players Needed: 6+

Players stand around the edge of the parachute either holding onto a handle or the edge. In turns lift up your hands above your head like a football Mexican wave and see how fast you can get the Mexican wave turning. The game can be played with 6 players but can be played with as many players as you have wanting to join in.


Players Needed: 4+

Organise the players evenly around the edge of the parachute. Lift the parachute in the air and count to three. On three simply let the parachute go and watch as the parachute gently floats to the ground and catch it as it falls if you wish.

Flying Saucer

Players Needed: 4+

Each player holds on to either the parachute or the handles and everyone raises the parachute up and down for a few moments. Once the parachute is ""inflated"" players take one step forward and then release the parachute on the command ""let go"". Once the parachute has been let go players should take one step backwards and watch as the parachute floats to the ground. Depending on how many players and where you are using the parachute game you may like to ask some questions to follow up the game what would if we missed the command to let go? How can we make it hover? What would happen if some people didn't let go?

Parachute Spin

Players Needed: 4+

Players simply hold on to the edge of the parachute and pass the parachute round the circle, kind of like pulling in a rope. Younger players may struggle with this game and it can be difficult for smaller hands and depending on how fast they go may cause friction burns to hands.

The Ocean

Players Needed: 4+

Pretend the parachute is the ocean. Players then move the parachute according to the weather report which they are listening to. This helps encourage children to be creative. The story can involve a slight breeze, high winds, snow, twisters and many more. Once the players understand the game the possibilities are endless.