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Why Are Wooden Playhouses The Best?

There are many myths surrounding the pros and cons of both plastic and timber playhouses, but we are here to put things straight. With thoughtful consideration, we have quickly come to the conclusion that wooden playhouses are definitely the best. We haven't approached this topic lightly, though. In fact, we have all sat down together and discussed this, using our professional expertise that has led us through many years of great success, as well as our personal experience at home with our children and their own playhouses.

Wooden Playhouses

Let's face it, the main reason we like to give our little ones an oasis of their own is because of the magic and imagination it can foster. We can all remember the lucky little neighbour or the family friend who had the most beautiful playhouse we could ever have imagined, or perhaps we were lucky enough to have our own precious pad. Either way, the memories created in such a special place last a life time. So it's important that we provide the best possible space for these memories to blossom for our children, too.

Timber playhouses, if treated properly, last for a long, long time. The timber that we use provides natural protection against wood rot, mould and vermin.

Plastic playhouses, however, quickly become warped, mouldy and the colouring fades. One of the most misleading myths about plastic playhouses is that they're easier to install simply because they can be put straight onto any floor. However, this only contributes to the bending, distorting and collapsing of the plastic. The sides begin to cave in and before long the playhouse merely resembles a floppy lump of discoloured sadness. Whichever base that a plastic playhouse is placed upon, the deforming and withering cannot be stopped.

Having a level base for your timber playhouse takes no time at all and means that the little house will stay safe, secure and fully lined-up for many years. With just a tiny bit of maintenance, and a lot of love, your playhouse will be very, very permanent.

There is something about a timber playhouse that is so familiar and welcoming. It's something that can't be matched by plastic. It's a feeling. It's a lovely attachment to a cosy, warm and authentic space. It's a space in which the little ones can feel comfortable. The houses provide a brilliant, durable and safe environment for the children to explore their dreams and fantasies. The comfortable nature of timber allows the playhouse to blend into the garden and becomes a miniature home, not just a large toy.

The little ones can take part in an array of activities with a timber playhouse that just can't be enjoyed in plastic. With a sturdy build and brilliantly protected interior, they can relax and do crafts, put their feet up and read magazines, invite little companions over for a tea party, and even look forward to doing homework!

Wooden playhouses let the little ones enjoy the magic of make believe. The generous space lets your children's playhouse perform as a log cabin, a home to raise dollies, an army fort, a cottage by the sea, a castle fit for a King, or a welcoming abode for party hosting.

The icy winter months render plastic playhouses as essentially useless, leaving them as functional for just the summer months, and in the summer months they can become uncomfortably hot. However, a timber playhouse can be used all year round.

So, wooden it is!