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Outdoor Wedding Games: 16 Fun Ideas for Your Reception


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Table Tennis, Giant Jenga, Connect Four? Sign us up!

As Valentine’s Day approaches, love is in the air here at Big Game Hunters, as we’re in full wedding planning season mode. When you’re going through your checklist prepping for the big day, alongside the delicious feast and killer dancefloor playlist, add some extra oomph to your reception.

For a day that your guests will never forget, our garden and lawn wedding games are a fantastic way to keep your guests entertained and get the party started. They are the perfect icebreaker for family and friends who might be meeting for the first time. And let’s not forget about all the priceless photo opportunities! Just make sure you and your other half have time to get in on the fun.

From Giant Jena, Table Tennis, to Limbo, our garden and lawn wedding games are nostalgic classics and aren’t just for younger guests - they’ll bring out the inner child in everyone and get them competitive.

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Giant Games for Weddings

Supersize your wedding reception with Giant Games, jumbo-sized so many different family and friends can take part.

Giant Jenga

1. Giant Jenga

This game has always been tense, so a giant garden version takes things to the next level. Larger blocks call for larger laughs as your guests can come together to build and destroy…and build again. Make sure your photographer snaps plenty of photos of reactions when it falls! Our Giant Hi-Tower is 1.8 metres tall with 58 pine blocks, so many players can get involved.

Giant Connect 4

2. Giant Connect Four

Offering some old-school nostalgic fun, Connect Four is easy to set up, and everyone knows how to play. Our jumbo-sized version will bring out everyone's competitive side - one slip-up or lapse of concentration, and it’s game over! 

Giant Chess

3. Giant Chess

Our larger-than-life chess board will keep your guests on their toes, literally! Strategic players can battle it out with jumbo-sized chess pieces, while little ones can have their first introduction to the game. Our Giant Chess measures 7m 2 , with the pieces nearly as tall as your tiny guests.

Giant Dominoes

4. Giant Dominoes

We all must have played this timeless game at some point in our childhood, but maybe just not quite like this. You won’t find a table quite big enough for this Dominoes version,  so find a corner of the lawn and get strategic when adding tiles. If you’re stuck on engaging Dominoes game ideas, read our quick-to-read guide.

Snakes & Ladders

5. Giant Snakes and Ladders

Who doesn’t love this childhood favourite? Our oversized Snakes & Ladders makes the game come alive, as you act as one of the counters. Throw the inflatable dice to move yourself up the board – just don’t land on a snake or you’ll sliver back down!

Get Knotted Game

6. Giant Get Knotted Game

Just as the name implies, you’ll get into a knot with this Giant Get Knotted Game. Throw the inflatable dice to find out which part of your body you must place on which colour flower. As more and more guests get stuck, we challenge you not to laugh as you watch all your relatives get tangled up! Beware, as soon as you fall down, it’s game over.

Lawn Games for Weddings

Whether you’re a top table tennis player or want to beat the family in a sack race, these classic lawn wedding games will take you back to your childhood.


7. Croquet

A traditional staple at any summer fete, get your guests to grab a mallet and get a Croquet match started on the lawn. Be sure to set up a helpful sign with rules so youngsters new to the sport can join in on the fun. You can even make two teams race to hit their balls through the wicket course the fastest! Need a rule refresh? Read our quick guide to brush up on your game.

Boules & Petanque

8. Boules & Petanque

A wedding game that will take your guests back to their school days. If you have some lawn space, it’s easy to set up a Boules & Pétanque area. Guests will throw the heavy balls as close as possible to the small target ball – make sure your photographer gets a close-up of their concentration face! Never played before? Here’s an easy guide to learn the steps.

Garden Quoits

9. Garden Quoits

Setting up a Garden Quoits is sure to bring out your guests' competitive spirit and is perfect for little ones. Put their throwing accuracy to the test with this beloved wedding game, where they try toss the quoits on to numbered stakes to score points.

Kubb Viking Chess

10. Kubb Viking Chess

Rumour has it that Kubb was invented over 1000 years ago by Vikings with the game commonly referred to as Kubb Viking Chess. Guests must knock over wooden blocks, known as Kubbs, by throwing wooden batons at them. It will definitely bring out their inner Viking! Still confused? Read our guide to get a grip on the rules.

Wooden Garden Skittles

11. Wooden Garden Skittles

These Garden Skittles will be a knockout! An easy game starter, in no time you’ll get your guests battling against each other to see who can score the most strikes. Make sure your photographer snaps up the strike-winning moments.


12. Limbo

One of the ultimate wedding games - especially after a few drinks! Limbo works best later in the day, once guests have loosened up (literally). Always hilarious and inclusive, see how low your guests can go, and don’t forget to have a go yourself. This could also be transported to the dancefloor for later.

Cannonball Drop

13. Cannonball Drop

Watch your guests sweat as they play this Cannonball Drop game. They must decide which coloured sticks to pull out, trying not to let the suspended balls tumble to the bottom. Make sure your photographer snaps lots of pictures of your guests’ reactions when it drops

Tin Can Alley

14. Tin Can Alley

A classic fairground attraction, in Tin Can Alley, all you need to do is stack up the tins in a pyramid and let your guests go wild. To win, guests can aim for the cans with the highest number to get the biggest score.

Potato Sack Race

15. Potato Sack Race

Ready, set, race! Echoing sports days of the past, the Potato Sack Race will get the competition going amongst your guests. Make it personal by getting the brides and grooms families to race against each other. Imagine the hilarious photos you can snap after your guests have had a few drinks.

Table Tennis Set

16. Table Tennis

Who doesn't love a round of table tennis? This portable Table Tennis Set can transform any surface into a court. It’s always a real crowd-pleaser, and you can even turn it into a fun drinking game by setting up an after-match beer pong session.

Remember: It's All About Fun

It doesn’t matter if you’re having a big wedding bash, a more intimate affair, or even making your wedding day kid-free. These Giant & Lawn wedding games are icebreakers that are all about getting your guests involved and letting their hair down. They can even work in indoor wedding ventures too! It adds a fun kick to your wedding reception, making it the perfect way to get the party going or to just entertain your guests while you’re having your wedding photos snapped.