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How To Choose a Kids Basketball Hoop For Your Garden


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Slam-Dunk Worthy Kids Basketball Hoops

Hit’ em with your best shot! Maybe your child wants to be the next LeBron James, or you’re just trying to introduce them to the game. Our basketball equipment collection is all set up to launch your little basketball star. Buying basketball hoops, backboards, or rings can be a little confusing, especially with the number of different sizes and models. Whether you're looking for a tiny tot or an older teen, here's a helpful guide for selecting your kids basketball hoop.

Installation Type

One of the most important things to think about when buying a basketball hoop is the installation type. There are two main models that are common in back gardens: wall-mounted or free-standing designs.

Wall-Mounted Basketball Hoops

Just as the name suggests, wall-mounted basketball hoops can be attached to walls either outdoors or indoors (if there is enough space inside!). Permanently fixing your hoop eliminates the need for a pole or stand, which not only saves you space but also makes it extremely sturdy.

Free-Standing Basketball Hoops

This type of basketball hoop is all about flexibility; it is positioned on a stand with wheels that allow it to be moved with minimal effort. You can set up your basketball hoop in any section of your garden or tuck it away in storage until your kids next practice if you have limited room. To make sure it remains robust, the base is filled with water and sand, ready to sustain any slam dunks.

The Backboard

We all know backboards are a fundamental element of every basketball hoop, but we forget how important they are for gameplay. The size and materials can all have an impact on the ball's rebound and its overall durability.

The Size

If your main focus is to save space, then a smaller backboard like our Bee Ball ZY-010 is perfect for confined basketball areas. Plus, this size is suitable for younger players who are trying to get a grip on the game. Larger backboards call for longer shots and are recommended for teens or adults with sizes matching NBA-standard hoops, calling for a stronger bounce and rebound.

The Materials

Believe it or not, the backboard material has a significant impact on the ball's rebound trajectory. A popular choice for kids basketball hoops is a tough plastic compound called blow moulded polyethylene, which is rigid and highly durable for a lifetime of play.

If you're after an elite basketball experience, it’s worth upgrading to polycarbonate. This clear compound is the closest material you can get to NBA-style tempered glass. It delivers the highest and most consistent rebound, thanks to its robust surface.

The Shape

Did you know even the shape of your backboard can influence your shots? We always advise a regular rectangular backboard , as this is the universal style used in professional games. If your child is playing at a club or in school, it’s worthwhile to stick to a backboard that is the same shape as their basketball hoop. This has long-term benefits, as it will further enhance their rebound skills and their shooting accuracy. If you're looking for a kids basketball hoop just for casual play, buying a curved or fanned backboard won't make any difference to your game.

The Ring

It may sound obvious, but a basketball ring is the circular metal hoop that is attached to the backboard. A typical ring has an inner diameter of 18 inches, which is tailored for adults or teens. With smaller players come smaller rings, with a range of lower-sized units that are ideal for kids to improve their shooting skills. Constructed with thick steel to sustain continuous impact, our basketball rings are coated in a waterproof paint that prevents the metal from rusting.

Standard Bolt-on

Just like its name, it's a ring that is just that - it bolts on. Usually found on hoops for younger players, you can also buy these rings on their own to attach to play equipment. Always very useful if you are tight on space but already have some play equipment installed.

Spring Loaded

This product features springs on the outside of the ring that allow for greater support from the impact of the ball.


A component on more advanced level hoops, the breakaway ring features a hinge and a spring that is fixed to the backboard so it can bend downward to flex under pressure.


When looking for a kids basketball hoop, you need them to grow with your child so they can aim and shoot for many years to come. All of our free-standing basketball hoops can be adjusted to your younger player's height. In general, backboards that are fixed to the wall can’t typically be adjusted, but they can be mounted again at a higher height when needed. However, our Bee-Ball ZY-024 Backboard is extendable up to 90cm, as its unique frame is attached with a movable crank.

Setting up your mini-basketball court

As a kid who was glued to the TV screen during the NBA finals, I thought you could only develop your basketball skills on courts like the professionals played on. But I now know that even the smallest outdoor space can be turned into a fantastic mini basketball court . All you need is a hoop, room to bounce the ball, and some space to shoot! Whether it's a corner of the garden or your front drive, here are some handy basketball court setup tips to start scoring some slam dunks:

Playing Surface

The surface should be hard and level, which is why playing on grass should be avoided. Even if it's in a good location, grass leads to a frustrating game, as basketballs aren’t designed to bounce on this kind of surface. The best playing surface is hard, level, and clear of any tripping hazards.

Location, Location, Location!

If your garden has a patio or decking area, this is the perfect setting for your DIY basketball court. You can even extend your patio to make way for a larger court. Naturally, not everyone has the back garden space or budget to shoot hoops in their garden. Many families choose to install their kids basketball hoop at the edge of their drive, but this comes with its own risk as flying balls can hit neighbouring windows and cars.


Before installing your basketball hoop, remember to pay attention to the direction of the sun. Any glare from the direct sunlight will make it very difficult to see the blackboard! If your little ones tend to play in the evenings after school, add in a couple of outdoor lighting fixtures for greater visibility.

Court Markings

Applying some court markings will make your kids feel like they're in a real NBA game! You can define your court lines using tape or chalk, incorporating boundary lines, free-throw lines, or even the three-point line. This enables children to develop a better understanding of the game, which is helpful during club or school matches.