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Plastic Vs. Wooden Playhouses: Which is Better?


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Plastic Vs. Wooden Playhouses: Which is Better?

A playhouse is every little one’s dream. In a child's eyes, playhouses are more than just an outdoor toy; it's a fairy castle, a cute café shop, or a pirate hangout. Let's be honest, deep down, you're probably just as excited as your little ones. There's something so magical about playhouses, with a nostalgic thrill that stays with us well into adulthood.

Nowadays, there are so many different options when it comes to finding the perfect playhouse for your child. But nearly every parent is asking the same question: “Is a plastic or a wooden playhouse better?”. Believe it or not, the material of your playhouse makes a big difference in its overall longevity, durability, and much more. Here’s the breakdown for why we prefer a wooden playhouse:


Before we delve into the plastic versus wooden debate, it's useful to understand how playhouses are beneficial for your child. Many parents make the mistake that playhouses are just for entertainment, but they can be a catalyst for their development.

Digital Detox

In this digital age, we’re all looking for ways to get our kids away from looking at screens and to play in the fresh air. With their own custom-built den in the garden, it will be hard to get them to come back inside.

Physical Health

With all that time spent enjoying the fresh air and freedom, there’s a variety of health benefits to all this outdoor play. It’s a mood booster, increases the levels of vitamin D, fosters cardiovascular health, and helps build strong muscles and bones.


With their own pint-sized home that’s all theirs, it’s a hidden play space that is away from the house. This encourages kids to truly be themselves, instilling a sense of responsibility and independent decision-making.


Playhouses are the perfect partner for a child's imagination, as they can fully express themselves. They can pretend they are a knight defending their castle or a witch casting spells in their secret den. All of this role-playing works wonders for their confidence and creativity.


Made to last their entire childhood, wooden playhouses have a stellar life span, giving your little ones a lifetime of outdoor adventures.

Growing with your child

With their lightweight and smaller design, it's common for kids to outgrow their plastic playhouses in just a couple of years. Our wooden versions can grow with your child, as they are often more spacious with taller ceilings and wider play areas.


While plastic can theoretically last almost forever, it can be difficult to repair natural wear and tear. You can easily maintain a wooden playhouse with a few minor refreshes every couple of years. All that's needed is a quick power wash and re-stain, and it can look as good as new.


Wooden playhouses hold up very well compared to their plastic counterparts, with a strong framework that can withstand deterioration over time.


Designed for the outdoors, wooden playhouses are built to survive all types of weather and prolonged exposure to the elements. Plastic equivalents can quickly fade from the sun, crack during a storm, or form mould following a rain shower. So even if there is a little drizzle or snow outside, the weather won't stop them from having fun adventures in their cosy hide outs.


Wood is a solid and robust material that creates a strong foundation for any playhouse, bolted with secure joints to reinforce its structural stability. Likewise, wood can hold greater weight than plastic, allowing it to endure many playdates and tea parties.


Did you know that wooden playhouses can also be eco-friendly? In comparison to their plastic alternative, they may actually help reduce your carbon footprint.


During the construction process, plastic has to be moulded with high-energy-consuming chemical processes. The raw materials are first polymerised, then melted into shape. Our wooden playhouses are crafted with a more environmentally friendly method, which minimises waste and emissions.


After many years of fun outdoor adventures, when it's time to dispose of your playhouse the material makes a big difference. Wood can be easily recycled in an environmentally-safe way, as it is biodegradable and will gradually break down over time. Plastic has the opposite result, as it can’t decompose naturally, adding to the global issue of waste pollution.


Allowing kiddos to personalise their playhouse lets them put their own stamp on their play space. Wood can be easily customised into any sort of hideout your kids can think of.


Wood is an incredibly versatile material since it's able to be easily painted or stained. You can choose your own colour scheme, whether it's pastel pinks for a fairy palace or bold tones for a pirate ship. In contrast, plastic playhouses typically have a fixed design that is harder to modify.

Playground Extras

There's no limit to the number of playground extras you can add to your wooden playhouse. From attaching slides to setting up a mud kitchen, it will blow playtime out of the water.


Accessories allow your kids to put their own spin on their playhouse, whether it's hanging twinkling fairy lights or moving in their favourite toys. If you want the playhouse to blend in with your garden, decorate with a bunch of flower pots to match the landscaping. Whereas plastic models are more likely to have built-in decorations already.


Sporting a true-to-life and rustic style, wooden playhouses look far more natural in any garden. They enhance the value of your home, and you can effortlessly customise them to fit your aesthetic. On the other hand, plastic playhouses can distract from the beauty of your garden with loud colours and tacky patterns that look out of place.

Which Is the Best Playhouse for You?

A playhouse is an investment for years of outdoor adventure - a corner where your child's imaginations can go wild. It’s nearly impossible to get them out of their secret dens once they’re there, so a playhouse that is adaptable is a safe bet. With a robust framework that is weather-resilient and needs little upkeep, wooden playhouses are built to grow with your family.

Playhouses are their own personal play space - so finding one that can be easily customised is a plus. It's a way to express themselves, creating their own style with colours and accessories. Then there's the environmental factor, as we all want to try and reduce our carbon footprint. Choosing a wooden playhouse is an eco-conscious choice, as plastic alternatives take more energy to produce and are hard to recycle.