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Carrom Strikers

High Quality Synco Strikers Synco are the main brand in the world of Carrom and sponsor the Indian team. We have a variety of Synco Strikers which you can purchase as separate items to our boards. The strikers have an approximate weight of 15g.

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  1. Synco Carrom Strikers SYNCO Supershot Carrom Striker

Carrom Strikers are integral to the game. They are used to push the men and queen around the board to the pockets. Strikers are normally constructed from a smooth and durable acrylic material because they are designed to absorb the impact when they collide with the other pieces on the board.

When you position the striker on the board you do so within two lines which end in circles. You must shoot the striker from the bed into the men whilst not standing up. You need to be allocated a colour (either black or white) and aim to get this colour into the pocket in order to score points.

The film "Striker" was released in 2010 and follows the protagonist called Surya. He is introduced to Carrom from a young age by his brother. He goes on to win the junior championships at the age of 12 but loses interest in the game. Eventually he finds the game again when he becomes involved with the carom hustling scene as a means to escape his surroundings and start a new life in Dubai. The film is historically significant for the reason that it was the first film to premiere on YouTube and the cinema on the same day and initially racked up 800,000 views on the website.