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Giant Playground Games

So much fun on a huge scale; our giant playground games are the ultimate addition to any garden school playground! Featuring our collection of gian dominoes, giant draughts, giant Jenga, giant chess and more; our games will inspire teamwork and developing social skills, classmates can enjoy playing together in break times or while incorporated into lessons. The cross-curricular skill sets encouraged through playing with our giant playground games, makes them perfect for incoporating into lessons and creating team building exercises.

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The large scale creates a more inclusive and sociable atmosphere, allowing multiple classmates and teachers to play together in teams, while also being easily viewable so spectators can cheer on the teams.

These giant playground games are brilliantly versatile, encouraging tactical and strategic thinking for children in all key stages. The giant counters in each game are very chunky, making them easy to hold and play with for early years and primary school. All pieces are also incredibly durable, ensuring reliable and long lasting play value in a school environment. These games become trusted and treasured activities in foundation, primary and secondary school, advancing skills and strategic thinking as the children grow.

We also have a whole range of replacement counters and accessories for each game, so you don't need to worry if pieces are lost now and again!

These giant games feel wonderfully familiar, being inflated versions of popular board games children enjoy in school and at home. These giant games are perfect for providing entertainment in break times or even wet playtime, just like traditional board games, while the unique sizes provide something new and exciting.