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SYNCO Professional Carrom Equipment

Synco Carrom Boards are available to buy in the UK and Europe, exclusively through Big Game Hunters. Synco Carrom Boards are the boards used by the India and the USA Carrom Federation and the brand used in the Carrom World Championships. We are excited to offer the extremely high Synco quality boards, strikers and coins, including the exact board used in the latest World Championships held in Birmingham, United Kingdom in November 2016. Synco brand Carrom has been developed over the last twenty years, to become the leading brand in the Indian sub-continent, making boards with an extremely high finish and excellent playing credentials.

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  2. Synco Carrom Strikers SYNCO Supershot Carrom Striker

With factories in the Punjab and Mumbai, Synco take pride in selecting only the finest woods, seasoning the timber naturally in their own air-dried seasoning pens beforehand crafting the very best Carrom Boards. The expert craftsmen who create the best boards in the world are all experienced wood workers and Carrom players. They know how important wood quality is for the final product and how critical is that they get a smooth, even finish. That expertise is the promise you have that with a Synco board you get the very best. That's why the World Carrom Federation consistently choose Synco Boards for the Carrom world Championships. Every step of board production is carefully monitored, and lovingly finessed as the craftsmen create each price as if they were creating a work of art. Especially exciting is the final sanding, smoothing and polishing to make sure the finish on each board is perfect when you receive it.

Explore our selected range of Synco Carrom boards, including the Synco Genius and the Synco Signature, and for the first time in Europe, the new Synco Green Carrom Board. You will soon discover the expertise that made the World Carrom Federation choose Synco and the reasons why the Indian Carrom players , the best in the world, use Synco.