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Tower Playhouses

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The kids will love their brand new wooden tower playhouse! Each two-storey playhouse involves lots of wild fun! The children will feel as high as the tree tops while they're standing on the balconies and platforms of these wooden tower playhouses.

They each stand proudly on solid and sturdy platforms, with slides and ladders for access and exits during their play time.

Imaginative play is so important for the early years; they can let their big imaginations free. Their social, creative and motor skills are strongly encouraged through active play - there's so much space to have fun, with different floor levels and an exciting hideout above ground level!

The big adventures will keep them active and happy for hours at a time while mums and dads can feel assured that they're little ones are in a safe and secure environment.

The two-storey wooden playhouse designs give the children additional activities to have fun with, including balconies, slides, ladders and verandas, allowing plenty of tree-top fun as well as providing a comfortable space on the inside for fun hideouts and adventures.

Tasty picnics and tea-parties are being enjoyed all over the land with the use of these adventurous homes - simply lay out a blanket and invite a few little friendlings over (mum or dad can kindly supply some treats!) And your two-storey playhouse will be enjoyed by all!

Having an exciting playhouse in the garden will make sure the little ones get plenty of fresh air - in fact you probably won't be able to get them back indoors!

Open up to the next level of fun wooden tower playhouses! With various exciting models, there is one for every child. The Redwood Tower and Penthouse Wooden Playhouses stand tall and proud on stylish platforms and include a balcony, slide, ladder and even peep hole windows to keep an eye on intruding parents.

Our two storey playhouse range will add cheerful character to any home. The towering balconies, curvy slides and access ladders create a 4in1 adventure playground, in a neat and compact fashion, suitable for any shape or size garden. All sorts of expeditions can take place; fun games for birthday parties, adventures for gatherings, or just a quiet place for some privacy!

We've learnt a lot from little ones, they are the inspiration for all of our designs. Being a family-run business, we have big insight to kid's ways of seeing the world, and we take great pride in our ability to cater for every child.

Each and every one of our playhouses has been designed with such inspiring details to encourage as much imaginative play as possible! With unique window frames, doors and enchanting shapes, the youngsters will quickly be absorbed into a world of exciting adventures! Each wooden tower playhouse features wonderfully original features that makes our range stand out from the rest.

Offering an innovative range is incredibly important to us. We are wholly dedicated to providing high quality, exciting designs for our customers, to make sure that garden playtime is more fun than ever before!

A two storey playhouse will create so many adventures in your garden, including lots of hiding under balconies, zooming down slides and peeping through windows. They provide a space in which the children can create so many different games and activities, which makes each house brilliantly versatile.

As well as playing home-makers and creating a cosy hiding place, a two storey playhouse can also function as an exciting adventure playground, offering two levels of imaginative fun. With a platform, slide and ladder, the little ones can create all sorts of games, using the additional features as inspiration. With a letterbox featured in the Redwood Penthouse, children can have all sorts of fun pretending to collect their mail in the mornings!

There's something rather exciting about being high up in the air on a two storey wooden playhouse, with a whole world of adventure play being opened up before them! Climbing up the ladder to reach their cosy home, and peeping through the windows is all part of the fun in imaginative play, and having the option to zoom down the slide adds a whole new exhilarating dimension.

They offer plenty of space for them to play, with an extra level to explore and a wooden den that sits proudly on the top. However, this generous size doesn't compromise the space in the garden, functioning as a compact play space that suits any garden. Perfect for the smallest of gardens, bundles of fun can take place with a two storey playhouse. Whether they're creating homely adventures inside, or being active using the slide and ladder, the fun is endless!

These are brilliant for encouraging outdoor fun, sparking lots of active play for the children. Getting the children outdoors enjoying themselves is so important, it gives them chance to explore their imaginations and be closer to nature, inspiring natural and stimulating play. The kids can get plenty of fresh air while playing in the outdoors, which helps them to keep wonderfully fresh during their creative expeditions, and the freedom of space in the garden also lets them stay wonderfully active with lots of running around. Staying active is hugely important for childrens' development, and the addition of a two storey wooden playhouse encourages this activity by keeping them inspired with a range of accessories and features, and keeps them enjoying the wonders of imaginative play.

Each two storey wooden playhouse that we offer is designed to be incredibly easy to assemble, with EasyFit technology. Each one can be assembled within 30-60 mins, so the kids can be playing with their new playhouse in no time! A two storey playhouse features a platform which is wonderfully simple to erect, and the house then stands proudly on top. The slide and ladder are the finishing touches, and attach in a straightforward manner, offering a stable and secure playing environment for the children.

We are very proud of our playhouses, and we do everything to ensure that you do too. We only use high quality wood, and the construction of every single feature - from the wall panels to the letter boxes and name plaques - has been designed with longevity and durability in mind. Each two storey wooden playhouse has been designed to last, with thick timber that offers stability and detailed features to keep the children inspired for many years.

Please do have a browse, we are sure you will find the perfect one for your family!

It's exciting to be young, everything is bright and jolly. So, let's celebrate and give them an outlet for their wonderfully big imaginations! We hope you enjoy browsing through our specially selected range of two storey playhouses. - We hope you love them as much as we do!