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Tree Swings

Garden swings are one of the simplest ways to add play equipment whilst being sympathetic to the natural beauty of your garden. Our tree swing conversion kits and complete tree swings are very-easy to set up, simply wrap the ropes around the branch a few times leaving the desired length hanging and then secure it safely and securely with the buckle. There will be no damage to the tree and the rope will not rub and fray.

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Tree swings have been used for generations - over streams, in parks and in the ground of many a stately (and not so stately) home. Tree swings have featured in films, in television shows and in historical photographs. Always a tree swing in just irresistible.

Tree swings are part of our history and Big Game Hunters have designed a range so you can have your very own from the more traditional wooden tree swing or tyre swing to the more modern monkey tree swing. Whatever your children are into - we will have a tree swing to suit them. We also have tree swing hanging kits so you can use an existing swing seat in a tree.