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Netball Posts

We have painstakingly reviewed our range constantly, perfecting the products and the offering to make sure we have the best equipment available,which is no exception for our Netball posts & equipment. The range doesn't need to be too extensive - we have covered all bases with our Bee-Ball selection. This being the entry level 'simple' freestanding netball hoop and stand with a very easy 'no-fill' base, the mid-level with a more solid fillable base with wheels and then the top level pro stand with the largest base and goose-neck design.

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Highly recommended for use in clubs, schools or at home - the Bee-Ball Netball range has a set of three stands to suit different players and budgets. The entire range benefits from adjustable posts, allowing children to play at a lower height while they learn and improve their shooting skills. As they do just that and increase in confidence the stand can increase in height - all the way up to official International Netball Federation height of 3.05m.

Improve your netball skills by creating your own personal Netball court in your back garden or on your driveway. We have selected netball goal posts that tick many boxes for a few different scenarios. You may be looking for a gift for a netball pro or a player who is just starting out. The equipment can be for practise sessions, training or even matches. Whatever the setting, we will have a goal post suitable. We can be certain that our equipment will make you feel like a professional player, whether you are one or not. Keep playing on your own personal netball court and you could be a pro* very soon!

*Sports skill not guaranteed - we say being a Pro is all about attitude and not technique (!)

Choosing the right Netball post is crucial, although we have selected the best value goalposts on the market there are still a number of choices.
We have put together some things to consider when choosing your hoop;

Strength & Durability
A critical factor for any netball post, is the strength and durability of the post. The coating on the metal pole is crucial when being confident in the length of life the post will give. A rust resistant coating is essential if this is to be left outside all year. Some posts have special coatings on for extra durability, so look out for these.
Ring Size
Official size is a must, even if you are just starting out, it is best to start with a full size ring but on an adjustable post. The official size of a netball ring is 15cm (380mm) and must be at least 6 inches away from the main upright to protect the player.
Post Height
Another crucial factor, if you are buying for a younger player is to choose a post that can be adjusted so it it not too high to begin with. It is beneficial for the more serious players to be able to play at full height - which is 3.05m (10 feet). If your player is playing netball at junior level, they will be using a ring at 2.74m (9 feet) high, so this is a good height to set the ring at. If you think the player may progress to full height after gaining more confidence and skill then an adjustable stand is important - just check it goes to 3.05m.
Having an adjustable stand is not only helpful for players who are likely to grow to needing a full height post, but is also useful for storing the stand in a garage or shed. The way the stand adjusts is also worth paying attention to. Some stands require different pole sections to be added using tools, whereas some are on telescopic systems so you can adjust without needing tools. This is of course beneficial for those needing to adjust quickly to store without having to get tools out.

Creating the most realistic at home netball court relies on just two things; having a good quality netball goal post, and a little room to play in. We are realistic - we don't expect everyone to be able to recreate a full size netball court (which is 30.5m long if you were wondering).
We do know however, that creating enough space to practise shooting is much more easily achieved and with the right equipment you will make the perfect training area for the netball player in your life. If you have the space you might even be able to recreate the goal third of a netball court.

We are confident that we have one to suit all families and if you aren't sure which is the one for you please hit the chat button and ask as many questions you need to. We have real people here who know what they are talking about so we can offer good advice to make sure you get the right equipment for your situation.