Basketball Hoops, Nets & Backboards

Basketball Hoops, Nets & Backboards

Basketball Equipment

Basketball Hoops have been around for over a century and were originally created by Dr James Naismith in Massachusetts USA. The sport is made up of two teams of 5 players, the points are then scored by propelling a ball through a 10ft (3m) high hoop.

We stock a wide range of products from the official NBA size (3.05m high) to a junior stand at a height of 2.05m. Big Game Hunter's have been selling high quality Basketball Stands, nets and accessories for many years. As well as selling basketball equipment, we aim to provide helpful, professional advice for people looking to buy some equipment whether they are new to the sport or have been playing for years.

Basketball Hoops

The most popular section of our basketball range is our diverse mix of Basketball Hoops and Basketball Backboards. We stock two unique brands; Sure Shot and Bee-Ball. We also have a wide range of sizes from the official NBA height stands to the smaller preschool systems.

If you are unsure which stand is right for you, there is a guide outlining the main considerations. To view this guide, go to our main 'Help & Guidance' section, or the Basketball Guide link on the left hand menu when you are browsing through the Basketball sections. The majority of our units are adjustable, and have wheels so can be moved or stored quite easily. Most of these stands reach the offical NBA basketball height of 3.05m - just check the product specification to see the lowest and highest heights they reach. It is always useful to have an adjustable stand if your children are going to grow significantly, or you have a range of ages who are likely to use the net. Limited space? Then a Basketball Backboard could be the ideal option, designed to be mounted onto a wall these units are much smaller than the Basketball Stands but still offer the same functionality. A Basketball Hoop is great for any age range, you can mount them at any height and move it up the wall as your children get older.

We stock three different brand ranges of basketball. For the more professional basketball player we recommend the Molten Basketballs. From the manufacturing of the basketball to when the basketball is in play, the Molten Basketballs offer outstanding grip and performance both indoor and outdoor. We then have our more evenly balanced range of Baden Basketballs, from the official England ball to the Baden Playground ball. This range varies quite dramatically in both price and in quality. The third brand are the Wilson Basketballs. These are designed more for the occasional or younger player, targeted at a lower price group these balls still offer outstanding quality and durability.

If you are a basketball club or even a school we recommend taking a look at some of our Basketball Accessories. They are a great way to keep your basketballs organised and tidy - which is essential when maintaining and looking after a larger store of basketball equipment. Give your club a professional look and feel, and keep your sports balls away from the ground and protected from damage with our Kit Bags, Caddy's, Trolleys and Cages.

For specialist and professional basketball clubs, schools or even teams we recommend using some of our Specialist Basketball Equipment. These units provide outstanding quality and strength, with the ability to hold a user's weight these units are great for dunking and also offer fantastic durability. With adjustable heights and the ability to adjust to the official NBA height we recommend these basketball units for competitive use. If you are interested in one of these we recommend calling us so that we can talk you through your needs and find the right unit for you. These units are all made to order, and are specially delivered as they are quite large!

Portable Basketball Stands