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Did you know? Basketball Hoops have been around for over a century and were originally created by Dr James Naismith in Massachusetts USA.

We have carefully developed our range so that theres something for everyone; whatever the age or skill level of the player. Bee Ball offers high quality basketball units. The range includes freestanding hoops for players looking for portability and easy height adjustment, as well as space-saving wall mounted backboards. We even have a unique mixture of height adjustment in a wall-mounted system with our premium ZY-024 wall mounted backboard.

As well as selling basketball nets and hoops, we aim to provide helpful, professional advice whether you are new to the sport or have been playing for years.

Official NBA Height Systems
Bee Ball offers official NBA height stands with regulation size hoops across the board. All Bee-Ball systems have the option of easily adjusting to a lower height for younger players, so the stands can grow with the players. Check each product specification to see the lowest and highest heights they reach. There are also smaller preschool systems, starting at 1.6m. It is always useful to have an adjustable stand if your children are going to grow significantly, or you have a range of ages who are likely to use the net. Our portable hoops include wheels so they can be moved or stored easily.

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Space Saving Wall Mounted Backboards
If you have limited space, a wall-mounted basketball backboard could be the ideal option. Designed to be mounted onto a wall these units are much smaller than the stands but still offer the same functionality. These are great for any age range; mount them at any height and move it up the wall as your children get older. We would usually recommend setting the rim at a height of 2.75 - 3.05m if you dont like the idea of moving it at a later stage. Junior basketball teams play at 2.75m and professional players at 3.05m - so this must be the maximum height to place your basketball ring.

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For the more experienced basketball player, we recommend Lusum and Molten Basketballs. From the manufacturing of the basketball to when the basketball is in play, Molten and Lusum basketballs offer outstanding grip and performance both indoor and outdoor. Lusum is a sports brand created with a mission to make a difference in the sports market. The unique business model allows the very best balls to be offered at far more affordable prices; through never paying sponsorship to clubs.

We also have our more evenly balanced range of Baden Basketballs, from the official England ball to the Baden Playground ball. This range offers both starter and premium options. Wilson Basketballs are designed for the occasional or younger player, offering a lower price option while still offering outstanding quality and durability.

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If youd like some help choosing equipment thats right for you, we have a guide designed to make this quick and simple for you. This includes advice on age groups, heights, basketball sizes and even product materials. View the guide here:

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If youre new to basketball or would like a quick refresher on the rules, we have a simple game play guide.

If youre buying for a budding player whos just starting out, share the guide with them; getting up to speed on the rules will help their technique while training. The guide includes tips on passing to other players, learning to dribble and pivot on one foot as well as shooting skills. Practising these techniques at home will accelerate the skills learnt at school or basketball club and ignite a passion for the game. View the rules here:

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