Our Products

We are very proud of our products. Each sector has someone who specialises in that area, which allows us to be experts in a number of different fields.

Our main products areas are explained below.

Garden Games

This is the area where we started our bsuiness and it covers many of our best sellers. Giant Chess and our iconic giant tower games are some of the original games we started to sell over twn years ago. We have a beautiful range of hand carved croquet sets from Garden Games Ltd. and even one of our very own - the Big Game Hunter's four player set.

Our Garden Games section also covers the smaller, classic sports games such as rounders, cricket and skittles as well as the huge party favourites like limbo.

Giant Jenga Game

Wooden Play Equipment

Playhouses and Wendy houses

The playhouse or Wendy house is a traditional piece of garden play equipment borugh to life by our exquisite design, bright colours and unique shaoes and styles. The playhouse range has been growing year on year and has a whole range suitable for many different tyoes of garden and children! These are no ordinary 'mini-sheds' each one has so much play value built in they will keep your children entertained for hours.

Climbing Frames

This large wooden play equipment has been a big area for us for many years and now we are leading the way with a wide range of accessories and hardware from swing seats and swing hooks to more imaginative toys such as telescopes and periscopes. We are adding to this range of products frquesntly and are in the process of designing and developing newer and more exciting accessories to expand your children's minds and play time whilst keeping them practical and affordable. This areas goes hand in hand with our playhouses as all of the accessories can be used in both sectioons - adding a telephone or letterbox to your climbing frame or playhouse is the perfect way to freshen up or add more interest to your pay equipment.

Climbing Frames



One of the most recent additions to our outdoor toy world - the basketball section has exanded rapidly being an extremely popular sport in many schools it has really take off. The range exists of more junior sets up to seriously heavy duty basketball stands for the serious basketball enthusiast. Not only can our larger stands also be used by adults, they are popular in schools too. The Bee-Ball basketball range has been designed as a range with full variety but also amazing value for money and this is only going to get bigger and better.



A natural progression from basketball, netball is a very new range which has taken off to such an extreme that we struggled to keep up with the demand at first! Our netball stand is simple, extremely good value for money and accompanied by the best netbal brands and good quality, we have everything for any netball player from beginners to pro's.


An area of the outdoor toy world that requires a lot of technical knowledge and skill. We have a lot of experience in this area and therefore know what makes a good trampoline, what you should look for and ultimately what would be your best buy. We also have an enormoud range of trampoline accessories, so if your netting rips or your pads wear out, we are likely to have what you need to make your exisitng trampoline last that little bit longer.