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Jumping on a trampoline

Rectangular and oval trampolines offer something a little bit different to rounds. They have a more expressive bounce which allows the user to jump higher and cover more of the mat than a round. This owing to the fact that the springs point in different directions and this doesn't carry the momentum in into the centre as with rounds. The springs stretch to a different extent depending on where they are on the mat and the frames are thicker to compensate for this.

Within the world of oval/rectangular trampolines there are multiple sizes which will fit a variety of different sizes of gardens. It is important that you measure the space you have available in your garden and allow for about a foot to a foot and a half clearance from the edge of the trampoline.

The size of a rectangular trampoline refers to the size of the frame and not the bounce mat. For example a 10ft x 14ft Rectangular Trampoline would have a short side of the frame which is 10ft and a long side with is 14ft. You can learn more about measuring a trampoline in our guide.

There are comparatively fewer different rectangular trampolines available than ovals. This is more coincidental than by design. Ovals and rectangles have a similar bounce so feel free to consider them as part of the same shape when shopping around. We will be comparing some oval and rectangular trampolines of the same size to make it easier for you to choose a trampoline based on the size.

7ft x 10ft Rectangular Trampolines

If you find that you want all the performance features of a rectangular trampoline but you don't quite have the space for a larger trampoline a 7ft x 10ft is a great option. Particularly also for younger children even though they are safely kept on the trampoline by the safety enclosure you will be able to keep a closer eye on them.

There are lots of different brands and models to choose at this size and the table below compares some of the key specifications that affect performance.

The number and length of springs controls the quality of the bounce, frame tube thickness and weight limit gives you an idea of how sturdy the build is and the thickness of the pads lets you know the level of protection available from coming into contact with the springs or frame. We also have listed the manufacturer's warranty to give you an idea of the confidence companys place in the longeivity in each of the trampolines.

Trampoline Brand Skyhigh Jumpking Telstar Telstar Rebo Sportspower
7ft x10ft Skyhigh Rectangular Trampoline 7ft x 10ft Oval Jumpking Trampoline Telstar Black 7ft x 10ft Oval Trampoline  Telstar Jump Capsule 7ft x 10ft Oval Trampoline 7ft x 10ft Rebo Base Jump Rectangular Trampoline 8ft x 10ft Sportspower Rectangular Trampoline
Shape Rectangular Oval Oval Oval Rectangular Rectangular
Number of Springs 68 Springs 54 Springs 54 Springs 58 Springs 56 Springs ??? (Not Listed)
Spring Length 180mm 180mm 127mm 140mm 180mm ??? (Not Listed)
Frame Tube 42mm ??? (Not Listed) 38mm 45mm 38mm ??? (Not Listed)
Surround Pads 20mm thick (PVC) 20mm thick (PVC) 20mm thick (PVC) 25mm thick (PVC) 20mm thick (PVC) ??? (Not Listed)
Maximum Weight 114kg 90kg 110kg 120kg 100kg 100kg
Warranty 10 years on frame, 1 year on other parts 5 years on frame 10 years on frame, 1 year on other parts 10 years on frame, 1 year on other parts 1 year on all parts 1 year on all parts

Skyhigh 7ft x 10ft Rectangular Trampoline

A longstanding manufacturer of rectangular trampolines Skyhigh this 7ft x 10ft offers a great balance between performance, safety and longevity. The green PVC on the pads, and enclosure pole covers will blend into your garden beautifully too.

  • Unrivalled bounce with x68 180mm springs, the most of any trampoline at this size
  • Great 114kg weight limit so adults can use too
  • Cons
  • The net tucks on the inside of the pads as a safety feature but you may prefer a design which tucks on the outside of the pads

  • Jumpking 7ft x 10ft Oval Trampoline

    An American brand originally made in Texas, Jumpking have a reputation for making great trampolines and have since introduced their designs to the United Kingdom where they are well respected.

  • Nice modern curved pole enclosure design which intersect the pads into the frame
  • 20mm thick padding is of adequate thickness to making getting on and off the trampoline comfortable
  • Cons
  • Only x54 180mm springs means that it will be difficult for the trampoline to generate a particularly high bounce
  • 90kg weight limit is on the lighter side of the other trampolines available at this size

  • Telstar 7ft x 10ft Oval Telstar Vortex (Black Edtion)

    Beginning in 2007 Telstar have produced round, rectangular and oval trampolines. The Vortex black edition is a popular model of their oval trampoline range.

  • Good weight limit at 110kg so suitable for adults
  • Net tucks outside the pads which offers more bouncing space
  • Cons
  • Although the trampoline has 58 springs, which is more than the Jumpking, they are only 127mm long. Each spring has less capacity to generate bounce than a trampoline with 180mm springs
  • Enclosure poles are bare foam and unprotected by a sleeve. This means they are more likely to corrode in adverse weather conditions during the winter

  • 7ft x 10ft Telstar Oval Jump Capsule MK3

    Telstar also offer the oval jump capsule in the same size as the Vortex. It offers a different look with the enclosure and the poles insert into the pads.

  • Very good weight limit of 120kg
  • Reversible padding so you can choose to have blue or orange pads
  • Cons
  • The bounce is slightly improved on the black Telstar Vortex but the springs are still 127mm long so we would question how good a bounce this trampoline has
  • Whilst this trampoline has protective sleeves they are made from PE material which is less durable and rougher to the touch than PVC

  • 7ft x 10ft Rebo Base Jump Rectangular Trampoline

    Rebo produce oval and rectangle trampolines under the "Base Jump" model of their range and have been trading in the UK since 2004.

  • Eye catching black and green colour scheme together with the curved enclosure poles
  • PVC protected foam pads are soft to the touch and of a decent thickness a 20mm
  • Cons
  • Springs are of a good length but there are only 56 compared to the 68 the Skyhigh features
  • 38.1mm frame tube gives it the thinnest frame of the rectangular 7ft x 10fts. It is especially important to have a thick frame for these types of trampolines as the whole mat will be covered

  • Sportspower 8ft x 10ft Rectangular Trampoline

    Also producing a variety of other play equipment Sportspower rose to prominence by stocking their trampolines in Argos. They have recently ventured into making rectangular trampolines.

  • A slightly larger bounce area than all the other trampolines as it has a larger frame
  • 100kg in weight limit is suitable for adults and kids
  • Cons
  • Sportspower don't disclose any information about the thickness of the pads, the frame thickness, number of springs or length of springs. This makes it very difficult to make an assessment of how well it bounces or how durable the structure is

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