Trampoline Brand Guide

We have selected the Best Trampoline Brands in the world to give you a full choice of styles, quality and value. This range is unbeaten in the UK, and we are certain you will find exactly what you are looking for, at incredible value for money.

Choosing trampolines is confusing. Each brand usually says that they are the best, and so many seem to be similar but at very different prices. Big Game Hunters have analysed each trampoline brand to give you a guide to all that is worth considering in the trampoline world.

This trampoline brand analyser will give you the chance to compare specifications and be able to make an informed decision on which Trampoline brand to go for.

Trampoline Brand Overview

Here is a table of all the trampoline brands which Big Game Hunters sell in their Trampolines section. They are ordered here from the more value budget trampolines, up to the highest quality, most durable and longest performing ranges. the brand comparison compares just the round trampolines, and not the oval or rectangular trampolines as these are slughtly different.

Trampoline Brand Skyhigh Jumpking (round) TP Genius TP Genius Octagonal Skyhigh Plus TP Star Skyhigh Xtreme 360
Skyhigh Trampoline Brand Jumpking Trampoline Brand Tp Genius Trampoline Brand TP Genius Octagonal Trampoline Brand Skyhigh Plus Trampoline Brand Tp Star Trampoline Brand Skyhigh Xtreme 360 Trampoline Brand
Sizes Available 8ft - 14ft 10ft - 14ft 8ft - 14ft 8ft - 14ft 8ft - 14ft 8ft - 14ft 12ft - 14ft
Number of Springs 48 - 96 Springs 72 - 74 Sprimgs 42 - 88 Springs 40 - 88 Springs 60 - 96 Springs 40 - 88 Springs 96 - 112 Springs
Spring Length 18cm 18cm 14cm - 18cm 18cm 18cm - 21cm 18cm - 21cm 21cm
Frame Quality One Star One Star One Star One Star One Star One Star One Star
Pad Quality One Star One Star One Star One Star One Star One Star One Star
Maximum Weight 64kg (on 8ft) - 100kg (on 12ft) 100kg (on 10ft)- 127kg (on 14ft) 85kg (on 8ft)- 135kg (on 14ft) 85kg (on 8ft) - 135kg (on 14ft) 100kg (on 8ft) - 140kg (on 14ft) 90 kg (on 8ft) - 140kg (on 14ft) 120kg (on 12ft) - 150kg (on 14ft)
Price Range 125 - 219 299 - 399 219 - 375 266 - 440 229 - 399 355 - 670 395 - 499
View Range View Range View Range View Range View Range View Range

Trampoline Brand Descriptions

Skyhigh Logo

Skyhigh is our best selling trampoline brand - separated into three different parts the original Skyhigh Trampolines, Skyhigh Plus and the outstanding Skyhigh Xtreme 360. The prices on all three tend to come up lower than a lot of other brands, but the quality of the trampolines have not been altered making these the best value trampolines available at Big Game Hunters.

Skyhigh is the original value brand of trampolines. Formally known under the name 'fun' trampolines. the trampolines are good quality and offer a great range for very low prices compared to the other brands which are out there.

Skyhigh also provide a range of Rectangular Trampolines and as well as a high quality range of Oval Trampolines.

The benefits of these trampolines are:

  • A great place to start if you are new to owning a trampoline
  • You may want to buy other play equipment and have a limited budget
  • You can have confidence in the safety of this model as it has similar frame to the higher end brands
  • T-Bar Leg Connection system (so nothing is welded) making it stronger and sturdier.

NB: Spare Trampoline Padding can be purchased for these trampolines.

Skyhigh Plus Logo

Skyhigh plus is the mid range trampoline selection from Skyhigh. this is a brand new range of trampolines developed especially for those who want great performace and a lot more fun, without taking things as seriously as you would with a Skyhigh Xtreme 360 trampoline. The enclosure poles on this trampoline are decorated with a modern white flower pattern on a grenn background with yellow trim so not only are they fun to play on but they look fun too!

The benefits of these trampolines are:

  • The perfect intermediate trampoline if your children have out grown their toddler trampoline
  • They look good in a garden - the quality finish on pads and poles makes it look as though you have spent a fortune on it!
  • Enclosure poles have patterned, thick covers over the foam padding so last longer
  • You can have confidence in the safety of this model as it has a higher spec frame than many of the higher end brands
  • The high quality pads and enclosure comes as standard with this range of trampolines.
  • Skyhigh Xtreme 360 Logo

    Skyhigh Xtreme 360 is Skyhigh's highest range of elite trampolines. These trampolines have been created to give the highest quality and best performance out of the whole skyhigh range. Available in just two sizes - these trampolines have a classy powder-coated black finish to the poles which can be seen here:

    xtreme360 Black Poles

    The benefits of these trampolines are:

    • The perfect trampoline for children who will use it all the time (more durable than any other trampoline)
    • The classic black and chrome finish gives it an executive look
    • More springs, each spring being a longer length means a high, better bounce
    • This trampoline provides the best of the best - extra thick padding, stronger srtings, stronger frame and higher quality safety net - without breaking the bank
    • Xtreme 360 Enclosure poles have smart black covers, so last longer.

    Jumpking Trampolines

    Jumpking Jumppod Trampolines have been around for many years. These are an American brand of trampolines which have been providing fun trampolines to children for over sixty years. Steeped in history, the Jumpking Jumppod brand are a well established make and use trustworthy old trampoline designs with original, traditional green and black colours.

    Jumpking make trampolines in sizes from 10ft up to 14ft - these can be bought in both round and oval shapes which provide a variety to choose from.

    Jumpking Jumppod trampolines are part of what we call our 'starter' trampolines - they provide a basic level in terms of quality but give you a full package including safety enclosure, ladder and shoe bag to store your shoes in whilst you are bouncing.

    The benefits of these trampolines are:

    • The perfect trampoline to start on for smaller children
    • The traditional looking green colour blends well into gardens
    • Trampoline enclosure slots easily into frame so it is quicker to install.

    Tp Trampolines

    TP has been a household name in Britain for some time - mainly in other areas of outdoor play. They have created unique designs of trampoline to bring variety and choice to the trampoline market.

    The TP Genius Trampolines are at the lower end of the scale, going all the way up to the all-singing-all-dancing TP Star with its interesting'space ship' type design

    The benefits of these trampolines are:

    • Unique 'SurroundSafe' technology on the TP Genius - means it has no pads, instead the springs are 'surrounded' by the enclosure.
    • The Tp Genius, Octagonal and Star all incluse covers and ladders within their respective packages
    • TP Octagonal and Star have special feet which provide betetr stability on uneven ground
    • TP Genius and Octagonal have exposed foam pads on the enclosure.

    The Skyhigh range is designed for customers who are looking for a high quality trampoline but have a slightly tighter budget.

    Representing excellent value for money, the Skyhigh range of trampolines are extremely safe with durable padding and the new T-Bar Frame Structure.

    Although this range of trampolines is very economy orientated, the quality remains uncompromised and, just like the Skyhigh Plus range, are available with the detachable safety enclosure.

    Customer Testimonial:

    "I bought a 'Skyhigh' trampoline after being told that they were really good value and to be honest I didn't really expect it to last that long. Four years on my kids are still using the trampoline almost every day and we haven't had to replace anything." Tracy, aged 46

    With the customer in mind, the Skyhigh Plus range of trampolines was designed to offer customers a higher quality trampoline that maintained exceptional value for money.

    Our Skyhigh Plus range is our best selling range of trampolines. Considered to be the best trampoline brand by our customers it combines both high quality as well as an aesthtically pleasing deign. The range has enhanced durability and safety as a result of the innovative new T-Bar frame structure, thicker PVC 'no-fade' pads and stronger springs. The trampolines within this range are also capable of taking the weight of more than one user. This is a more expensive trampoline brand than the Skyhigh, but the higher specifications makes it more than worth the extra cost. Although it is a new brand it is fast becoming one of the top trampoline brands on the market.

    All of the Skyhigh Plus trampolines come with removable safety enclosure, giving the user more confidence to try out new, more advanced tricks. There are also a number of packages available that include a ladder and cover - giving our customers even better value for money.

    Customer Testimonial:

    "I would always recommend Skyhigh Plus trampolines, both my children and I love ours and the safety enclosure means not only looks really good and unique, but also gives us a safer feeling whilst bouncing" Louise, aged 37

    As trampoline specialists, we pride ourselves on our ability to anticipate the requirements of our customers, and it is our job to identify these requirements and exceed all expectations - this is where the Skyhigh Xtreme 360 range of trampolines comes in. With it's classy black and poles and pole cover design, it will not be outgrown or become 'uncool' after a short period of time. It really is one of our top trampoline brands.

    The Skyhigh Xtreme 360 is a culmination of years of research and development, representing the latest in trampoline design, performance and safety. What you might call a more 'professional' trampoline, with the best bounce and highest quality frame, pads, bed, spring and enclsoure of all the trampolines we sell. The point below illustrate exactly why it is the best trampoline on the current UK market.

    Built for Safety

    The thicker pads and T-Bar frame structure make this trampoline safer - the pads protect you from the springs and the weld-free frame means the trampoline can take more weight and strain.

    Built for Performance

    The Skyhigh Xtreme 360 range offers uncompromised resilience and the enhanced elasticity makes this trampoline the ideal choice for anyone serious about bouncing. The dynamism and responsiveness of the Skyhigh Xtreme 360's springs makes it the perfect choice for the budding trampoline enthusiast.

    Built for You

    As a relatively new brand, the Skyhigh Xtreme 360 range also remains good value for money, the icing on the cake for anyone looking to buy a high specification trampoline as you know you are getting a really high quality trampoline at relatively low cost.

    Customer Testimonial:

    "When I tried out the 12ft Skyhigh Xtreme 360 trampoline I was pretty impressed, but it wasn't until afterwards when I tested another brand's "high specification" trampoline that I truly understood how good it was!" John, aged 42, Oxfordshire

    Jumpking Trampolines are a very well known American Brand, their unique JumpPod Trampolines have an integrated enclosure into the Trampoline Frame which give them a very distinctive look and style of bounce.

    As well as their orginal range of round JumpPod Trampolines, they also have a range of oval trampolines - called the Jumpking OvalPods. These oval trampolines have been the most popular and well known Trampolines of the whole Jumpking range. The OvalPod trampolines give you the benefit of having a larger trampoline with a better bounce without taking up as much room in your garden as a round trampoline. The oval shape also delivers a unique bounce bringing you back towards the centre of the Trampoline each time you bounce unlike that of a rectangular trampoline.

    All of the Jumpking trampolines come witha trampoline safety enclosure integrated into the design of the trampoline.

    Customer Testimonial:

    "We have managed to assemble the trampoline and Lauren is absolutely delighted with it" Colin, aged 55, Staffordshire

    TP Trampolines have been going for over 50 years bringing quality products to customers including trampolines. TP Trampolines are certainly included in this quality range that TP manufacture, with very unique 'Surround Safe' structure which integrates the enclsoure or safety netting with the trampoline. This means there is no need for trampoline pads covering the springs of the trampoline, as the enclsoure surround covers these all in one.

    The Surround Safe system prevents the user of the Trampoline from coming in contact with the Trampoline springs by a barrier between the safety enclosure and the spring section, much like a Trampoline pad. This can has the benefit of not needing trampoline pads, and will decrease the chances of your children coming into contact with the springs. However, this also means you would need to replace the whole enclsoure in one go in the future as and when it wears out - so these are all things to be taken into consideration.

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