Croquet Hoops

Croquet Hoops

Replacing your Croquet Hoops is easier than you think, we have three different sets available to suit your style of playing and the Croquet set that you have.

Each full hoop set contains the full 6 hoops including the red and blue topped hoops.
You could also purchase additional hoops to use in alternative games on different grounds. Each croquet hoop is coated to prevent rust or any damage.

When choosing replacement hoops it's wise to think about the croquet set you have at the moment, always choose like for like to make sure every part of your croquet set works together, some croquet balls may not fit through the hoops if you get the size wrong and you may find that some marker clips may not fit larger sized hoops than they were originally designed for.

Many experienced players will also take a single hoop for practicing at home - this can also be a fun a cheap way to try out this fun game. There are also games such as extreme croquet were only one ball mallet and hoop are used but, where the hoop is moved around to ever more challenging locals.

If you only need one hoop or are unsure which of our high quality hoops sets are suitable for you please do give us a call to discuss the best options for you.