Family Croquet Sets

Looking for croquet set to play with family and friends? All of our croquet sets have been designed to suit the needs of players of all ages and abilities. This handpicked selection of sets feature a range of equipment which allows the entire family to join in and enjoy this traditional game.

All of our sets come with a complete range of equipment but we have a few which include smaller and lighter equipment allowing younger players and beginners to join in with this fantastic garden game and not have to struggle with full size equipment.

Our lawn croquet sets includes smaller wooden mallets which are painted to match the balls in the set allowing the younger players to remember what colour they are as well as making them feel more included. The Sandford croquet set includes a mixture of equipment including 2 full size mallets and 2 12oz balls allowing children and adults to play together. The set also contains two smaller mallets with painted mallet heads which match the smaller balls included in the set.

We have also selected our cottage croquet set which includes everything needed to play but has slightly shorter mallets. The set contains everything needed to play but this set has been designed for use in smaller gardens and is suitable for children and adult beginners. Also included in this section is one of our full size sets which is packed in a canvas carry bag allowing the set to be taken to any chosen playing location. We have also selected our two 6 player sets as there can be times when you need the extra equipment allowing more players to join in with the fun.