Host a Fun Fairy Tale Party!

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Dressing Up

Fairy tale characters are so magical, so a fairy tale party will definitely spark lots of enchanting adventures! Fairy tales feature princesses, princes and even frogs! So the dressing up possibilities are endless! There are so many exciting ways to transform a party into a magical fairy tale land, and this starts with dressing up.

The little guests of this enchanting party will love choosing a character to dress up as, and everyone can have fun guessing who eachother is supposed to be! Dressing up as a princess for a fairy tale party can be wonderfully exciting - and all you need is a dress and a little tiara, crown or sparkly hairclip. Don't worry about putting them in pretty shoes as they'll be running around in the garden and probably getting a little muddy! If they're going to be a prince, all they need is a little crown, a gold-looking chain and a pretend sword!

princess party costume

Fairy tales and children's stories often feature lots of cute animal characters as well, so your little one could even choose to come as their favourite furry creature. It's best not to wear a whole bear suit or horse head as it can get a bit warm and uncomfortable while running around and playing party games, so concentrate on certain key features that will give away exactly which character they are!

Features such as tails and ears can make the best dressing up accessories while also being the most simple and quick to make! There's always a lovable animal in fairytales or their favourite childhood story, whether it's a friendly horse helping the prince rescue the princess, or a talking rabbit that goes on adventures with his friends.

Making their very own ears will instantly transform the little ones into their favourite furry character, and is one of the quickest and easiest costume accessories to make.

bunny ears tutorial

We love these beautiful bunny ears designed by the talented and creative Caroline of Armelle Blog - pop over to to follow a wonderful step-by-step guide on how to make your own bunny ears with just pipe cleaners.

To make sure that the bunny ears stay in place while they're running around in the garden, you could even secure the ears onto a head-band. You could also use pieces of felt, with greys or browns depending on which furry animal they would like to be, and secure these onto pieces of card that have been cut out to make suitably shaped ears! Then these ears can be secured onto a plastic or fabric hairband which will make sure the ears are safe and secure. If you leave tabs at the bottom while you're cutting out the pieces of card, this will help to secure the ears onto the hairband.

bunny face paint tutorial

Face paint is also a really exciting way of transforming the little ones into their favourite character. Pop over to Good To Know Family for a step-by-step bunny face paint guide so that you can recreate these pretty bunny faces for your youngsters! The photo to the left is a little treasure we spotted over at Anders Ruff Blog, from a beautiful Easter party hosted by Ellen Bessette.

If your little one wishes to be a rabbit like the ones above, a grey base of face paint with some black whiskers and a button nose is perfect, but they can also become any fairy tale character they wish with just a few effective face paint tricks! If they want to be a tiger, for example, some orange and black stripes with a black button nose will make them look fantastically ferocious! Or, if they're going to be a princess, some glittery face paint will add lots of sparkle and will suit the tiara or sparkly hair band beautifully!

Fairy Tale Games and Activities

princess party crafts

Thinking of childrens party games to include in the party can be a difficult task - short of repeating the usual musical statues and pin the tail on the donkey! - so we have included some fun childrens party games below to fit perfectly with the fairy tale and princess/prince party theme.

Arts and crafts is a very versatile activity and will keep them busy for a long time, and it's also a great chance for them to be creative! Sit the little ones down on blankets with some boards for them to lean on, or a table for them to sit at, and provide crayons, pencils, glitter, paints (if you're brave enough!), and some paper with outlines of fairy tale characters. This can be turned into a very exciting competition, where the most creative colouring-in picture wins!

The kids can then feel wonderfully proud of their drawings and then at the end of the party they can take them home to show their proud mummies and daddies.

princess party craft activities

Designing their very own princess, prince, queen or king crowns is another brilliantly fun activity to include in the children's party games selection; you can sit them down with plates full of gems, glitter, pens and pencils, and some prepared templates of crowns. The little ones can have so much fun decorating their new crowns and sharing ideas with each other, and the most creative crown can win a prize.

The crown template can be very easy to prepare; simply get a few pieces of thick card, and draw thick band along the length of the paper. Then, in the middle of the band, draw pointy crown shaped lengths with the longest point in the middle. Cut this one out, and then use this as a template to create the others. The crowns are then ready to be beautifully decorated!

Find the Magical Crown!

Another fantastically fun children's party game to inspire lots of fairy tale adventure is 'Find the Magical Crown'. The aim of the game is for the little ones to find the Crown, and the winner gets a prize! This can be played in the form of an 'egg-hunt', where the little ones search the garden for this hidden crown. The garden can be scattered with small hidden crowns that the children can then use as 'tokens' to swap for chocolates! There is enough tokens for every child, but only one youngster can find the big crown. This makes sure that they are all winners, but gives them extra incentive to find the big crown! The winner can then enjoy wearing the crown for the rest of the day, and they get a treat as a prize.

Alternatively, a slight variation of this children's party game that can be particularly fun for slightly older children, is a 'Find the Crown' with a series of hidden clues to find along the way. This game works better with a small group of players, as they can work through the trail together, discussing the clues and finding the prize at the end! Each clue should lead the kids to the next clue (fun fairy tale riddles are always fun!), forming a series of clues to lead them to the Crown at the end. The team then each get little prizes to celebrate.

(Suitable plastic crowns can be found in most dressing-up shops, and are the perfect size to hide and find in the garden!)

Any children's party games can be transformed into fun fairy tale party games by adding a bit of magic. With just a touch of glitter and sparkles, or some fairy tale themed games, the little ones' party will be one of the most memorable days of their lives.

Princess' and Princes' Picnic!

princess tea party

The kids will be very hungry after their various fairy tale games and activities, so a delightful picnic is exactly what they'll need! A princess and prince picnic is very exciting and can include lots of yummy food and drink.

Firstly, lay out a couple of blankets for the little ones to sit on, and if there is a playhouse featured in this fairy tale party, then lay the blankets out by the playhouse so that the little one can host the exciting party at their very own special home! This will be the tea party area for lots of food, drink, and chatting about their enchanting adventures of the day.

The fairy tale tea party can be prepared before the party, and this is a great chance for the little host of the party to help. As part of the yummy banquet, a selection of cup cakes would look delightful sitting on a pretty cake stand, and the making of these cakes is just as fun! There are plenty of simple cup cake recipes out there, and mums and dads can help with the baking part. Once they're out of the oven and cooled off, some exciting decorating is in order!

princess party cupcakes

If you're holding a fairy tale or princess and prince party, decorate the cakes in pretty pink, blue, yellow and white icing, and stick edible flowers stars, hearts, shields and armour on top! Edible glitter, sparkles and coloured icing are particularly ideal for princess and prince themed parties! The little ones can be wonderfully creative with the decorating, and the party companions will absolutely love eating them! We love these beautiful princess themed cupcakes pictured above, made by Mum2Monsters blog. The princess, wand and flowers made from pink icing look amazing on top of the delicious creamed icing.

The pretty princesses and handsome princes will be particularly parched after such exhausting activities, so some yummy juice will also be lovely. Orange juice, apple juice and lemonade can become very sought after with a little hint of glitter! Simply prepare some poured juice into large tupaware jugs with some edible glitter mixed in, and give it a quick stir before serving. These fun juices will be extra magical if served in tea cups with saucers!

Little picky bits for food is always ideal, as they can just pick and choose the bits they like and pop them onto their plates. For a picnic, this is much easier than using cutlery! Crisps, bread sticks, triangle sandwiches and sausage rolls are the types of foods that are always loved, and even vegetables can become wonderfully exciting if they are cut into sticks with a bit of yummy dip! Carrot and cucumber sticks are delicious and refreshing and will give them lots of energy for their next adventures.

The youngsters will love their picnic tea party, and if there's a playhouse in the garden, they'll have so much fun having a real tea party in the little house. They can sit inside the playhouse eating their yummy food and chatting together, or they can sit in the 'back garden' of their playhouse on the blankets.

Decorating your playhouse

princess party garlands

If you're going to be including a fun playhouse in the fairy tale party, there are lots of ways you can decorate and customise your children's playhouse to make it the best fairy tale party in all of the land!

If you're going to have a fairy tale party, there is likely to be lots of princes and princesses arriving to this delightful occasion. So, your fairy tale party can take the form of an exciting royal party.

First of all, decorating the playhouse to transform it into a magical princess palace or King's castle is the first step. Whichever playhouse you have, these following steps will make it the most enchanting playhouse ever!

Having a search around charity shops is a wonderful way of gathering fantastic materials and accessories for a princess/prince party, and while not breaking the bank you're also helping brilliant causes. Have a look for some shiny material, as this will make a beautiful shimmering cover for one or all of the panels of the wooden playhouse. This can be stapled onto any of the playhouse walls on the outside or inside. A piece of glittery material can also make a beautiful front door to the enchanting palace, and can be simply stapled onto the door with a small hole for access to the door knob.

princess party stars

If you have a little more time on your hands, creating some magical curtains will make the little ones feel right at home in their princess palace or king's castle! Have a search for some glittery fabric which is slightly larger than the width of the window you wish to attach it to. This will give you a little edging to create a hem on all sides. Next, find a small wooden or plastic pole for the curtain rail. Lay out the curtain fabric with the pole at the top, and fold the fabric over the pole; this will show where the curtain needs to be stitched. Next, stitch the folded piece of fabric onto the fabric underneath, and this will create the hole for the pole to go through. Finally, simply attach the pole to either side of the window using a drill, leaving the curtains loose for the little ones to slide them open and close.

Another little addition to make the palace even more delightful is sparkly accessories. Stickers of stars and hearts look beautiful on the inside walls, and pictures of the littles ones' favourite fairy tale characters will make it even more special! This is also a wonderful chance for the host of the party and all of their little companions to draw their favourite characters, and stick them onto the walls of their playhouse. This will spark their creativity as well as their magical fairy tale theme.

The youngsters now have a sparkly and homely palace to host their enchanting adventures!

Share your fairy tale party ideas with us!

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