A beautifully timeless wooden dolls house

Wooden dolls houses are beautiful and full of character. In our opinion, that character just can't be met with plastic equivalents; they're simply not the same. We absolutely adore wooden toys for imaginative play for so many reasons.

Easy to clean after playtime

Firstly, they're so easy to clean. Our wooden dolls houses have been fully painted with beautifully thick child-friendly varnish that's really easy to wipe down after playtime. So if those little fingers still have remnants of spaghetti hoops from lunchtime, it's no problem!

Inviting textures for sensory play

The lovely feel and texture of our wooden dolls houses, along with the different fabrics used for the furniture accessories and dolls' clothes are perfect for sensory play and encourage little ones to experience and learn about different materials and textures. These wonderful fabrics and wooden accessories are so inviting and welcoming, and combined with the variety of pretty colours, our dolls houses offer so much scope for fun imaginative play.

Homely & welcoming imaginative play worlds

The designs, colours and materials used are classic so they can be enjoyed for many years to come. The pretty colours and country cottage style feel so homely and offer timeless imaginative playtime. The timeless designs along with the huge variety of accessories in the furniture sets provide so many different options for imaginative play worlds, and these imaginative play worlds can grow and develop as little ones' imaginations become more advanced.