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Carrom Federations & Associations

International Carrom Federation

Established in 1988 at Madras (Chennai) India the International Carom Federation (or ICF) includes Carrom Federations from India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Switzerland, Germany & Malaysia.

They organise and hold the Carrom World Cup but their key focus is on the governace and administration of Carrom worldwide.


Deaf Carrom Association of Mumbai

Established in 2008, this Carrom Association was set up to allow deaf and hard of hearing Carrom players from the Mumbai area to play together. The game of Carrom is extremely social and brings together people from all walks of life.


All India Carrom Federation

The All India Carrom Federation is India national carrom sports federation. The federations hold between 6 or 7 national level tournaments a year. The All India Carrom Federation has 15 regional and 28 state affiliate institutions with many more on a more local level.

India is the home of Carrom and is played to a very competitive standard on even the most domestic level.

President Rakibul Hussain, Minister for Panchyat, Rural Development and Forests and Environment, Govt of Assam State/ Regional associations
  • Punjab Carrom Association (Previously Punjab State Carrom Association)
  • Haryana Carrom Association
  • Delhi Carrom Association
  • Jammu & Kashmir Carrom Association
  • Chandigarh Carrom Association
  • Himachal Pradesh Carrom Association
  • Uttaranchal Carrom Association
  • Tamil Nadu Carrom Association
  • Hyderabad Carrom Association
  • Andhra Pradesh Carrom Association
  • Karnataka Carrom Association
  • Kerala Carrom Association.
  • Pondiacherry Carrom Association
  • Andaman & Nicobar carrom Association
  • Kakinada Carrom Association
  • Rajasthan Carrom Association
  • Maharashtra Carrom Association
  • Vidharba Carrom Association
  • Gujrat Carrom Association
  • Goa Carrom Association
  • My Carrom Association
  • Carrom (29") Association of Bengal
  • Orissa Carrom Association
  • Sikkim Carrom Association
  • Uttar Pradesh Carrom Association affiliated by AICF
  • Bihar Carrom Association
  • Chhattisgarh Carrom Association
  • Jharkhand Carrom Association
  • Madhya Pradesh Carrom Association

Austrian Carrom Association

A.u.S. Spielgerate GmbH
Scheydgasse 48
1210 Wien
Tel:+43 (0)1 271 66 00
Fax: +43 (0)1 271 66 00 75

Czech Carrom Association

The Czech Carrom Association began at the end of 2005 based in Pardubice and Prague they organised their first Carrom Open Cup in the Autumn of 2006


French Carrom Federation

French Carrom Federation
Maison des Associations
3 Place Guy Hersant
BP 74184
31031 TOULOUSE Cedex 4


German Carrom Federation

The German Carrom Federation was founded in 1986 with the objective of supporting and maintaining the game of Carrom. The federation over sees Germany Carrom Clubs and teams throughout Germany.

Dirk Beyl
Erlenbacher Str. 15
74076 Heilbronn


Italian Carrom Federation

The Italian Carrom Federation was founded in 1995 by a group if Carrom enthusiasts and is responsible for the spread of this fantastic game throughout Italy.
The federation is supported by a large number of volunteers who regularly run events throughout Italy to teach and educate about the game.


Japan Carrom Federation

The Japan Carrom Federation was established in 1997. In 2001 they moved into their new headquarters in Tokyo from Hikone. Originally set up to allow players to compete in overseas tournament but held their first national championship in 2004 and now hold tournaments, demonstrations and training camps across Japan.


Korea Carrom Federation

Korea Carrom Federation(KCF) is one of official member of International Carrom Federation. Set up to promote the game of Carrom throughout Korea their aim is to encourage “hobbiest” across the country to visit their club training conference to improve play on every level.


Carrom Association of Maldives

Carrom has been played in the Maldives since around the 19th century (although as with many countries no exact records exists) Mr. Mohamed Zahir Naseer (who sadly passed on in 2016) set up local competitions in the late 1960's. His aim was to promote the game of Carrom in the Maldives and to create opportunities for players to develop their skills and talents and to allow them to compete in both national and international tournaments.


Pakistan Carrom Federation

A group of Carrom lovers grouped together in 2004 and established the Pakistan Carrom Federation or PCF.
The PCF have worked to build clubs across the country to promote and teach the game.

e-mail: Zulfee

Polish Carrom Federation

The Polish Carrom Association supports local clubs and events throughout Poland with regular classes for children and young people in schools. The PCA activity promotes Carrom as an alternative to computer based games and are doing all they can to bring this wonderful game of skill to a new generation.
The PCA also offer workshops for all abilities and ages and organise local and national tournaments and aid players who qualify in attending international tournaments.


Portuguese Carrom Federation

The Portuguese Federation of Carrom was founded in 1999 with the support of the Portuguese Association of Carrom and some autonomous carrom players groups. It is a non-profit organization that according to its statutes intends to implement and help develop the carrom game in Portugal.


Carrom federation of Sri Lanka

Carrom Federation of Sri Lanka, No.25, Sunethradevi Road, Kohuwala


Swedish Carrom Federation

The Swedish Carrom association or SCF are promoting Carrom throughout Sweden where it is not as well known as perhaps other games.

Swiss Carrom Federation

The Swiss Carrom Federation was launched in 1985 as a result of the growing number of clubs and players in the country. The SCA conducts championships which are open to all players without and entry requirements being in place they also help the following clubs.

CCZ - Carrom Club Zurich

Kurt Scherrer
Postfach 373
8307 Effretikon
Tel. P: 052 343 01 02

CFP - Carrom Free Players

Lorenzo Hurlimann
Schaufelbergerstrasse 25
8055 Zurich
Tel.: 044 492 10 64

HEUTE - Heuried Team

Danilo Jacoma
Feldstr. 8
5436 Wurenlos
Tel.: 056 424 33 38

CSA - Carrom Spieler Albatros

Walter von Buren
Hauptstr. 16
4497 Runenberg
Tel.: 061 981 69 53

Many of these clubs run training sessions that can be attended by interested players. The times and locations of these can be found on the SCA’s website.

UK Carrom Federation

The UKCF was formed in 1991. The main work of this organisation is to promote the game of Carrom throughout the UK and ensure the participation on Uk players in all major international championships.
The UKCF have hosted 3 Euro cups in England and have had fantastic success in the tournament with UK players.
UKCF organised national championships and league tournaments throughout the UK on annual basis.


US Carrom Association

USCA was set up (unofficially) in 1995 by Billy Stevens and Saroj Parikh. Officially incorporated as a non profit organisation in 1999 the USCA, now promotes the game of Carrom to all ages and abilities. They work hard to promote players through many, regular, national competitions to play on an international level.

Contact: US Carrom Association

West Bengal Carrom Federation

The WBCF was formed in 1973 but there had been attempts to formally form a federation as far back as the 1950’s.

West Bengal Carrom Association
26 Purbachal School Road